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Finish This… #7: buying, stars, courage, and swimsuit shopping.

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Yup, still a slacker. Squeezing this puppy in with just a few hours left in the day. A more devoted blogger would have gotten this done last night and scheduled it to post a 4am this morning. I have no excuse. Well, actually I have three. Work. Headache. I really wanted to finish the book I was reading.

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Okay, here goes Week 7.


1. I plan on buying…
…a pair of trail shoes to wear when I go to Hawaii in April. Got any recommendations? So far I’ve ordered these Olukai sneakers so far. I suspect they won’t look very attractive on me, and I’m sure I’ll order several more pairs before I find a winner.

true romance

2. I give ____ five stars because…
True Romance! I finally saw this movie for the first time on Friday night, and I loved it so much! I was also lucky enough to see it on the big screen at the Naro theater in Norfolk, which was an added bonus. Loved the characters, loved the story, loved the soundtrack, loved the leopard print, and especially loved the sunglasses.


3. I felt courageous when…
…I nominated myself to manage my company’s CRM implementation. It’s a big project, and it’s why I’ve been so busy, but it’s totally worth it, and it’s going to completely change the way we do business. Things are only going to get more hectic, but I’m enjoying the challenge.

4. I feel about swimsuit shopping like I do…
…pretty much about anything else — indecisive and kind of nutty. My thoughts go like this: Swimsuit shopping? Yay! Summer! Wait? I have to wear a swimsuit? Crap. I should eat a salad for lunch tomorrow. And go for a run. But I really like this one… Are swimsuits really worth this much money? What color will make me look tan? Will I look fat in this? Am I too old for bikinis? Should I get a one-piece? Maybe I’ll use my surfboard this summer. I want to go on vacation. Oh yeah! I am going on vacation. Shit! That means I really do need to go swimsuit shopping. 🙂

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Prompt for Week Eight (February 26)
Five things I know for sure

On Repeat: The Drifters

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One of my favorite Pandora stations for summertime is The Drifters Radio. There’s nothing quite like relaxing in my room on an early June evening with a breeze coming through the sliding door and the fan spinning over my head. Well, except for maybe taking a cool shower after a long beach day with these tunes drifting in from the next room, but that hasn’t happened recently, thanks to all this screwy weather.

But, rainy weather = the perfect excuse to spend a night at the movies, which is definitely what I’ll be doing this weekend. Have you seen any good movies lately? I thought Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby and Now You See Me were all great films. The Internship and Man of Steel are the next two on my list.

Movies for a Rainy Summer Day

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It’s been raining on and off since yesterday afternoon, but I don’t mind much because a rainy summer evening means I can sink into the couch after work without the guilt that comes along with wasting a gorgeous night indoors. I can settle in and catch up on editing photos, while I play my favorite summer movies for background noise.

I know the season’s full of action-packed blockbusters at the theater, but at my house, these lingering late-summer days come with a sense of nostalgia and a longing to watch films that feel like old friends. Here is a handful of flicks I’ve had on repeat for the last 10 Augusts or so.

1 camp nowhere

1. Camp Nowhere
Four kids hatch a foolproof plan to get out of spending their summers at boring camps. They blackmail a drama teacher (Christopher Lloyd) to help them rent a campground, and spend the summer with no parents, no couselors, and no rules. Chaos ensues. I know some people think this movie is completely stupid, but I can’t help it. I used to think it was hilarious, and I watched it over and over again. =)

2. Dirty Dancing
I remember one summer my family stayed at a resort in the Poconos with our friends — we rode horses, swam, hiked and ate in a dining room with all of the other guests. There were no dancing lessons, but I imagine it’s the closest I’ll ever get to Baby’s 1963 stay at Kellerman’s. =)

3 Gidget

3. Gidget
The summer I first tried surfing, I become obsessed with Gidget. I can just hear Sandra Dee’s animated one-liners. “Honest to goodness, it’s the absolute ultimate!” Late that summer I came down with some pretty bad ear infections, and I remember spending lots of time recording and watching old episodes of the TV show starring Sally Field, too.

4 The-Sandlot

4. The Sandlot
The Sandlot was released on April 7, 1993. At the time, I was an avid softball player, and I went to see it with my friends to celebrate my 12th birthday. We quoted lines from the movie for years (“The Beast was the most perfect junkyard dog that ever lived…”), and the soundtrack was amazing.

5 the graduate

5. The Graduate
Surprisingly, I saw The Graduate on Broadway one summer before I saw the movie. I did watch the film a few weeks later, and I was fascinated by the cinematography, the pool scenes and the tan lines. I was still a film major at the time. Another movie with an amazing soundtrack, of course.

6 my father the hero

6. My Father the Hero
The classic tale of a teenage girl vacationing with her father on a beautiful Caribbean island, telling lie after blatant lie to impress a cute boy. This was Katherine Heigl’s first leading role, and she was oh-so-perfectly-dramatic as Nicole. The scenery is gorgeous, and Gerard Depardieu is pretty funny. I recently found out this version of My Father the Hero is a remake of the original, which was in French. I’d like to watch the French one sometime…I bet I wouldn’t even need subtitles. =)

P.S. I’m almost certain there are pineapples on her shorts in the photo above, and if anyone knows where I can get my hands on a pair like them, please e-mail me immediately.

7 forgetting-sarah-marshall

7. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
There are plenty of reasons to love this movie (which is probably the most recent on my list). First, I have a weakness for any film, book, etc. set in Hawaii. Though I’ve never been there, I’ve been infatuated with Hawaii since college. Second, Russell Brand is hilarious. Third, I love Kristen Bell. And fourth, I always love getting a glimpse of this shark tooth necklace, which has been on my wish list since 2008.

8 Parent Trap

8. The Parent Trap (either version)
I prefer the old one, but the Lindsay Lohan remake is actually pretty decent.

9 blue crush

9. Blue Crush
Surfing, Hawaii, gorgeous diamond bracelet…are you sensing a trend? =)

10 rear window

10. Rear Window
first saw Hitchcock’s Rear Window in a film studies class in college. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a great one. James Stewart plays the main character, a photographer who is recovering from a broken leg confined to a wheelchair in his apartment. During a sweltering heat wave, he overcomes his boredom by observing his neighbors through their open windows, and soon develops a theory that a man across the way has murdered his wife after witnessing a few bizarre occurrences. He and his girlfriend (Grace Kelly) go to great lengths to prove the neighbor’s guilt.

I could go on to list at least five more, but hopefully we won’t have enough rainy days to justify all that.

How about you? Have you seen any of these films? What are some of your favorite summertime movies?

Six, Seven, Ate

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Saw 3D? Is that for real? Seriously? I kind of feel like I’ve been trying to ignore the fact that Saw exists for, like, going on what? Six years now? Maybe I’m totally off-base for saying this because I refuse to watch it, but I don’t really see how you can justify creating seven freaking movies on the same premise in six years. Six years. Seven movies in six years. Do you see the problem here?

Saw is like the only thing I can think of that’s worse than Jersey Shore. I moved to Virginia Beach to get away from idiots like that, and now I can’t go 24 hours without overhearing some mention of fake tans and fist pumping. Where did that even come from? Fist pumping? I don’t think I ever noticed anyone fist pumping while I was living at the Jersey Shore. I do remember the lack of arm hair though. And Snooki Monster? Too bad I already picked out my Halloween costume.

You know what was a great movie? The Facebook movie. Yes, the Facebook movie. I loved it. The acting was pretty awesome, and it kind of made me think that I should have been just a tad more inspired in the early 2000s, so as to make my millions by inventing an Internet sensation (or writing seven of the same movie in six years). Also, LiveJournal made an appearance, so that’s important. (At least LiveJournal helped someone change the world, you know?)

Am I the only one that is insulted that there are going to be more Saw movies than Star Wars movies? Animated films don’t count because I said so, and don’t even get me started on those Clone Wars toys I keep getting in my Happy Meals. Every time I say, “No toy.” And every time, the McDonald’s employee on the other end of the drive-through speaker hears, “Boy,” and I end up with yet another Clone Wars collectible. (Although, they switched to Mr. Potato Head trick-or-treat buckets this week, so things are looking up.)

Happy Meals are proof that you can buy happiness. Seriously. It says it right on the menu. Happy Meal. Personally, I always order the Mighty Kids Meal with a six-piece, fries and a Diet Coke. That’s a total of about 11 Weight Watchers POINTS, and it’s the only way to order a six-piece McNuggets anymore. You can get a four-piece from the Value Menu, or a 10-piece meal, but seriously? Who the f- needs to be eating 10 nuggets? That’s gross.

Anyway, I wanted to get a Happy Meal for lunch today, but I didn’t because I had one yesterday. I went to Wawa and got a sandwich instead. Coincidentally, I was supposed to eat Wawa yesterday on the way to Busch Gardens, but we got lost looking for one in Williamsburg when we exited the Interstate. Williamsburg is really pretty because, you know, their street signs are all extremely aesthetically pleasing and blend in with the landscape (which means they’re practically non-existent). Hence, we got lost following the signs to Wawa, since there weren’t really any eye-catching signs. There’s not much that’s aesthetically pleasing about golden arches, but we saw them, therefore we had McDonald’s for lunch.

And that’s all I’ve got for today.

This crazy trip has got me feelin’: full
And I’m singin’ along to: Lisztomania – Phoenix

A Movie Review from Japan

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subtends: I listened to Boogeyman tonight.  The reason I say “listened to” instead of “saw” is that my eyes were closed for the duration of the movie.  I seriously couldn’t watch it.

Auto response from VTJerseyGirl03: wet fish.  it says balls on your face.

subtends: I just looked it up on the IMDb and noticed that it’s rated PG-13.  PG-13.  There were three recon Marines sitting next to us in the theater, and they had to close their eyes.