A Movie Review from Japan

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subtends: I listened to Boogeyman tonight.  The reason I say “listened to” instead of “saw” is that my eyes were closed for the duration of the movie.  I seriously couldn’t watch it.

Auto response from VTJerseyGirl03: wet fish.  it says balls on your face.

subtends: I just looked it up on the IMDb and noticed that it’s rated PG-13.  PG-13.  There were three recon Marines sitting next to us in the theater, and they had to close their eyes.

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  1. Come on! In the beginning, during the thunderstorm, when that robe stood up and started walking toward him? And then that bird’s wings started flapping for no reason? Somehow I made it to the part where the crow crashes into the windshield. But that was it.

  2. HAHA… yeah I mean dont get me wrong, it was frightening and I would have prefered to bring a date since I would have brought my friend Heather and she is wonderful to bring to those movies since she cowars also. Anyway enough talking about a girl i want to date. It was quite frightening and like the closet scene where it is him the closet and those hangers CREEPYYY!!!!

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