Vegas, Work, Sideways and February

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I have developed some sort of severe motivation problem. I can no longer express myself in writing unless I make a list. Here it goes:

1. Vegas – Vegas was a blast. It rained the whole time I was there – flash flooding, etc. – but I partied like a rock star at Rain with my family and Robbie Roommate (and Patrick the casino host), I shopped like a rock star at the Fashion Show Mall and Caesar’s, and I sort of gambled like a rock star, but only in the sense that I won more money than I lost. My cousins are awesome (and loud) and I miss them already. I can’t wait to go back.

2. Work – Work is boring the shit out of me. It is very hard for me to believe that there isn’t something more important, more meaningful and way more fun out there for me to do. Organizing and proofreading crap for engineers that can’t seem to stay on top of things is getting old. Computers aren’t as exciting when you sit in front of one all day, and sitting down all day doesn’t really appeal to me either. Don’t even say it. I’ve already begun sending my resumes back into the black hole.

3. Sideways – What an excellent film! It was honest and real; the cinematography was extraordinary; it was relaxing to watch; and I even learned something. Parts of the film bordered on documentary and some of the sequences may have even payed homage to the movie Easy Rider (1969), but I’m not sure. I’d say definitely go see it, but make sure you have your favorite bottle of wine waiting for you at home because you’ll definitely want to drink some when it’s all over.

4. February – I’m glad it’s over.

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