When Bad Movies Happen To Nice Dates

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Well, my date tonight with the Navy boy I met at the air show last weekend went fairly well — except that the dumb movie we went to see ended up being about aliens doing experiments and random people being sucked into the sky (accompanied by scary loud noises) — so stupid.  Movies like that make me feel extremely relieved that I gave up my dreams of being a film major after studying Westerns for an entire semester.  I don’t understand what would possess someone to write, direct, act in or produce a movie that ridiculous.  I mean, if you were reading a script and saw this —

“Where are the children?  Where are they?  I know they’re alive.  Just tell me.  Tell me where they are.  No one will know it was you.  No one will blame you.  No one will know.”

“They’re listening right now.”

(BANG – Man tied to chair is suddenly sucked up through roof of building at lightning speed into ominous gray sky.)

— would you think, “Wow!  This would make an amazing scene!  This movie is going to be a big hit at the cinema!  When do we start filming?”  Ugh.  This just totally baffles me.

At least we got a military discount on our tickets.

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  1. Film class
    I think you need to worry about getting up your 5k run time, then worry about seeing bad movies with Navy dudes…

  2. westerns?@#!$
    As a companion to most of these western classes, let me tell you. I haven’t seen a movie since…seriously the class was so god awful it makes you hate cinema forever. Lisa you are a brave woman to face it again…
    I might have to start slowly like with Shark Tale!
    ~the only one left in this college town….HKF

  3. Well, in defense of film, sometimes a really great script just gets sodomized by the studios into a crappy movie. That said, there is a lot of shit that gets made.
    You should have gone to see Shaun of the Dead. 🙂

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