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While I was doing a little research on St. Maarten last night, I stumbled upon this article about 15-year-old Laura Dekker — a Dutch sailor attempting the youngest solo sail around the world. She’s in port in St. Maarten right now! After I read the article, I found her website and blog here.

Laura set sail in her yacht, Guppy, from Gibraltar on August 21, heading south to the Canary Islands and then further to the Cape Verde Islands. She embarked on her most recent leg (the longest so far), sailing west from the Cape Verde Islands 2,200 nautical miles west across the Atlantic to St. Maarten.

What an amazing feat. I can’t imagine trying to sail around the world. Alone. At 15! That’s pretty impressive.

This crazy trip has got me feelin’: admiring
And I’m singin’ along to: Holiday from Real – Jack’s Mannequin

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