Beach Bound

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This whole jet stream phenomenon has got me shivering  in my boots, so I resorted to listening to Jimmy Buffett radio on Pandora today. I sat back in my chair at work, and got to formatting some presentations, and along the way (somewhere between “Coast of Carolina” and “One Particular Harbor”), I was inspired to start a travel segment on my other blog.

Did I mention that I won a trip to St. Maarten at work?

Well, I did. I’m that cool.

Actually, I worked pretty hard to earn the award that won me the trip — I was nominated by my co-workers and superiors, and apparently I got the most amount of nominations. I was flattered, and now I’m super excited to be spending five sun-soaked days in the Caribbean this February. I’m already day-dreaming about what to pack.

Anyway, the thing is…I don’t really know much about St. Maarten. People are all like, “Are you staying on the French side or the Dutch side?” And I have no clue, so I’m like, “Um, right near the border. Yeah!” (It appears, I wasn’t lying either. After some research, it looks like I really am staying right near the border…on the Dutch side.)

So, I’ve decided to start learning a little about St. Maarten before I go. And I figured what better time than to start a little travel segment on The Coastal Chicster. There’s not much “coastal” going on over there, and this is the perfect opportunity to delve into some topics other than my closet. I think I’d like to kick it off after the new year and do a six-week series on St. Maarten with one post about the island each week. Then I can keep going for a few weeks after that about my trip.

So, yeah. That’s the plan. If nothing else, it’s a plan that’s much more feasible than setting up a beach chair, an umbrella and a space heater at my desk in order to lean back and format presentations in my sunglasses while listening to the sound of relaxing ocean waves on Pandora. Much more feasible. Plus, I’m looking forward to writing some new material.

Stay warm!

Photo courtesy of Wikepedia.

This crazy trip has got me feelin’: worldly
And I’m singin’ along to: Boat Drinks – Jimmy Buffett

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