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So, I’m in Jersey for the weekend for Thanksgiving. I drove up yesterday. Mark came up with me and we took Route 13 up the Eastern Shore. I think the Eastern Shore must be home to some wackos. Here’s why:

1. As soon as we came over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel we saw a guy wearing camouflage and an orange vest dark across the highway with a rifle right in front of my car. Wow. Only in Virginia.

2. Twenty miles later, we saw two guys in red jackets leaning dangerously over the shoulder of the road holding something out in front of them. As we got closer we realized that they were holding raw shrimp out over the highway. Raw shrimp – still in the shells, complete with beady eyes and little legs. Apparently those are a hot commodity around Thanksgiving.

3. A little after that we saw a car stopped on the side of the road with a guy lying on the ground next to it. I thought they person was dead or something, but upon looking closer we realized that he was just very intent on figuring out what was malfunctioning underneath his vehicle.

Yay for driving in the South.

On the other hand, driving in the North isn’t much better these days. Traffic on the Parkway was ridiculous this afternoon. I think we spent almost 2.5 hours driving up to my aunt’s house – trip that usually takes less than an hour. Woohoo. New Jersey is awesome – I especially love that no one believes in blinkers here. It really makes driving in heavy traffic a lot less boring. Just because you’re driving three miles per hour, doesn’t mean there won’t be any excitement around you – what with people weaving in and out of lanes and giving each other the finger and all. I seriously think New Jersey should consider banning brake lights during periods of heavy traffic volume as well. Yeah! Gives me a rush just thinking about how great that would be!

Ok, I’m done.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Hehehehe….sounds like quite an adventure. But hey…think of all the cool states you’re seeing during your travels. 🙂 Did you buy some of those yummy sounding shrimp??

    1. Nah, I figured with more than 5 hours left of my trip, sharing the car with a bunch of recently deceased crustaceans was probably not the best plan…

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