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Hi, my name is Lisa. I never update my LiveJournal. I take ice skating and belly-dancing lessons, and I have a cat named Mele that I adopted from Chesapeake Cat Rescue a few weeks ago. I work full-time as a marketing assistant (which means I work on Fridays now), and I’m about to receive an A (as far as I know) in my first graduate-level course, Modern Rhetoric. My ex-boyfriend lives in Alabama now, but we watch “Love Monkey” together on Tuesday nights. I kind of started a business a few months ago with my roommate, Allison, but we hardly talk right now because she has a boyfriend and never comes home. I spend a lot of time reading and watching my TiVo. I’m currently reading How to Make Love Like A Porn Star…A Cautionary Tale by Jenna Jameson – it’s her autobiography and it’s awesome. Sometimes my military friends call me from other countries, like Bahrain, Iraq, Spain and Japan. I hardly listen to cool music right now because my Malibu just spits my CDs out and says “E r r” (short for “Error”) when I try to play them, and my iPod is never charged. Most nights when I don’t feel like running, I use “My iPod isn’t charged” as an excuse. I tried to go back to Weight Watchers recently, but found myself very un-motivated to lose 2.8 pounds. I recently got a raise at work, but I keep trying to get another one without success. I usually put off food shopping as long as possible because it makes me lonely. I’ve been drinking a lot of water and my hair is highlighted, so it’s pretty blonde. My digital camera was stolen on St. Patrick’s Day, but my mom got me a new one for my birthday and I love taking lots of pictures wherever I go. That’s about it.

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  1. You’re taking ice skating and belly dancing classes?! That sounds like alot of fun! I wanna try. What the hell are you going to Weight Watchers for?! You don’t need it! Seriously. By the way Tom’s already back on the boat and he’ll be back in port in like three weeks. He called me too and I missed it but I did get to talk to him online a while. I heard he’ll be your new roommate… that’s cool… good luck witht that. I don’t think I could ever live with him, he would drive me crazy. Hope everything is going well. Sounds like it is anyway.

  2. Howdy! It’s good to hear all about you, seeing as how I don’ t know jack shit about you, except maybe how annoying we thought your little brother was and how much I wish I had your dog when you got her. Oh, and when we learned to draw three-d cliffs ( i guess that’s what you’d call them) and drew our horses, unicorns, pegasuses (i? I dont know.. I mean, really, pegususi? sounds like pussy to me) or some combination thereof.. and when we got separated in mr hookers fifth grade class and it didn’t make a damn bit of difference because there were always notes that we folded into little triangles and shit… The same kind of triangles the boys liked to alter and make football games out of.
    Anyway, it’s nice when you pop on once in awhile. I like to hear what you’re up to. I bet if I had an iPod, I’d never charge it either. I still have a “discman” that I got in high school for when I go on walks.

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