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Over the weekend, J and I attended a lovely wine party at the fairly new home of my former co-worker, Dave, and his wife. As they took us on a tour of their place, I became instantly jealous of their multiple faux plant cat litter boxes. So much so that, as Dave poured me my first glass of wine, I was already on Amazon, shelling out $59.99 for one of my own (with free two-day shipping). The quality item arrived today, was assembled in a mere five minutes, and is currently awaiting its first cat crap. The foliage on top has really changed the entire ambiance in my living room, and I don’t even have to water it. What a classy solution to (literally) the shittiest aspect of cat ownership. I’m so excited.

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  1. I’m dying with laughter … not that this isn’t a fabulous idea, but your cats get to shit in style!!!! You never stop being amazing and your cats are (literally) the cat’s meow.

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