The Great Sandal Debate of 2013

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Every spring I do this. I go off in search of the perfect pair of summer sandals. Some years it’s a pair of heels or wedges. Some years it’s the perfect flip flops. This year it happens to be a pair of gold leather flat sandals. The two on my wish list are the two above — the Jack Rogers Hamptons Navajo in Platinum and the Canfora Gail in Oro. Both handmade, both high quality shoes, both pretty expensive for a little pair of sandals, and both favorites of Jackie Kennedy. As much as I’ve been lusting after the Canforas for ages, I might save my first splurge on a pair of Capri sandals for the first time I actually visit Italy. Although, for $10 more, I can order the Canforas through Shopbop and enjoy the luxury of returning them if they don’t fit. As for the Jacks, I’m pretty sure I need them in a wide width, so I’m stuck using the Jack Rogers website, rather than Zappos, Amazon, Piperlime or another site offering free return shipping. Hmm. I’m horrible at making these decisions.

While I’m sure your initial reaction is, “Lisa, why the hell do you need such expensive sandals?!?”, I’d like to reiterate my previous point that I’ve taken up investing in quality items I love, rather than stocking up on a bunch of crap I won’t care much about in a year or so. (Besides, I just sold, like, 32 articles of clothing and shoes from my closet on eBay.) Whichever pair of these sandals I end up with, I’ll probably still be wearing them five summers from now. (Unless I relocate to the Caribbean, in which case, I’ll be wearing them five winters from now, as well.)

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  1. Jack Rogers gets my vote, if it’s worth a hill of beans.
    By the way, Husband just saw my laptop’s screen and said, are those sandals made with pipe cleaners? I laughed. He still looks puzzled.

    1. Good to know. Wait, pipe cleaners? To which ones was he referring? Maybe I need to rethink this entire thing… Lol.

      By the way, thanks for the lovely birthday card!! 🙂

      1. He thinks the straps on the “Canfora” sandals look like pipe cleaners. This coming from the guy who wears muddy, crap-covered boots on the outside of his jeans. You’re so welcome, I hope you had a FABULOUS birthday. =)

  2. I’d go Jack Rogers…the other ones look like the leather sandals I found on sale for $1.99 3 years ago, and are still holding up quite nicely…and they get worn all the time…so to spent $198.01 more dollars on a pair of sandals seems silly!
    I guess the difference is that my sandals are black…and those are gold…but for that price I’d certainly hope real gold!! haha

    1. You’re totally right. I ordered the Canforas to try on. Amazing, amazing construction and quality, but a bit too plain for the price tag. Now that I know my size, perhaps I’ll order a fancier pair from Italy someday. As for the Jacks, so glad that free shipping exists in the world because I can’t find a size that fits me! I finally ordered the gold ones in a wide width from the Jack Rogers website, but that was 6 days ago and they never charged my card. I might stick with my old gold sandals and just buy myself a pair of Superga sneakers! 🙂

      1. Did you ever receive your Jack Rogers in wide? If so how do they fit? I was going to order same, but they never replied to my question regarding the fit. I guess I have the same fit issue. Either too narrow or too long.

        1. I did! I love them. I ended up with the 7.5 wide. I was able to squeeze my food into the regular 8, but they were too long and way too tight. The wides fit well. They’re still snug, but nice leather that is gradually stretching a bit. I wore them all day yesterday, and I feel like they’re finally broken in. 🙂

  3. Thanks for all the info. As long as the foot bed is about 1/8 of an inch wider than the medium fit, It will probably work for me as well. They really are very nice looking sandals.

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