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R&R 1/2 Marathon 2017 Training Run #4

3 miles
12.25 min/mi
  Pick your fucking feet up, genius.
Half A Million – The Shins

Just short of a mile into this run, I tripped on some uneven pavement, fell, scraped both knees and my hand, shattered my iPhone screen, and ripped a hole in my Lilly Pulitzer leggings. So that was…graceful. Then I got up and ran the rest of my three miles, bleeding and listening to the new Shins album.

Luckily, I have like three other pairs of Lilly Pulitzer leggings, and John had a lot of Band-Aids ready for me when I got to his house for breakfast. And Fathom Coffee, which, as you know, is now a sponsor of this clumsy runner-in-training.

If you feel bad for me for falling like an idiot, feel free to buy some coffee and use code RUNLISA for 13.1% off your first order.

I would also like to point out that my total time and average pace do include the time I spent actively plummeting to the ground and a few moments sitting in the road, stunned, a little embarrassed, assessing the damage, and determining to keep going. So still better than yesterday! (Except for the bruises.)

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