One Piece, Three Ways: Indigenous Premier Cardigan

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I recently had the opportunity to work with Indigenous to style and review a piece for their #worthwearing campaign. I selected this Premier Cardigan from their collection of organic clothing and styled it three ways. I love, love, love how soft and cozy this sweater is. It’s knit from Tencel and organic cotton with intricate detailing down the front, the sleeves and the back.

Fair trade fashion is obviously a little more expensive than it’s alternative. Prior to doing any research on the subject, I probably would have balked at the price this cardigan; however, thanks to Indigenous and Wikipedia, I have a much better understanding of the benefits of organic fibers, low impact dyes, and supporting local artisans. That being said, I if spend more money on a piece, I want it to be versatile, so I can wear it multiple ways. My first outfit was inspired by fall’s mixed media jacket trend, but I like it better because it’s less fussy, and I can wear these pieces separately to create other looks.


This cardigan is a tad long for me (I’m only 5’1″). To be honest, if I had purchased it, I probably would have exchanged it for something that fit me better. But I’m always up for a challenge and I was impressed with Indigenous’ philosophy, so I did my best to style around the length. The outfit below was the first thing that came to mind when I received my cardigan, but it’s my least favorite of the three — mostly just because I’m short, so the sweater-to-Lisa ratio just isn’t optimal. =)


For my last look, I wrapped, pinned and tucked the sweater under this full skirt to create an entirely different silhouette. This was a little tricky to maneuver, but I mainly wanted to show the versatility of a piece, which is something I always consider when I’m adding to my wardrobe.


How would you style this cardigan? I had a few other ideas, but these were my three best, and my favorite is…


…the cardigan/sleeveless trench combo. =)

Thanks to Indigenous for the cardigan, for inviting me to be a part of the #worthwearing campaign, and especially for introducing me to the idea of eco fashion. It’s something I plan to keep in mind when shopping for clothing in the future.

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  1. I love all these looks…but I really love the floral dress and leopard belt combo!…Have I ever told you how much I admire your amazing layering and print mixing skills?!?! I vote for more regular outfit posts over here!

    1. =) Thanks. I’m so relieved that I made the decision to focus on one blog. And I’m glad you’re still reading! Now the outfit posts are fun again instead just lots of work. Posting all those outfits made me want to shop way, way too much. I’ve been merging my favorites over from the other blog, and I’ll post some here. I just have fewer non-repeats now that I’ve been shopping less. =)

  2. Great looks! I too admire your ability to totally change the look of a piece by mixing and matching it into other looks. I sadly lack that skill

    1. I didn’t used to have this skill either. It just takes a little inspiration, lots of practice, and careful choices while shopping. =) Thanks for sending me the link to Indigenous, I loved working on this post!

  3. My favorite is the jeans and trench coat look too. I should move to Antarctica where I can actually wear a sweater and coat in December. It’s still mid-80s in Fort Worth, TX and I’m happy about it at all. But hey, at least my most fashionable friend looks fantastic (as always)!!!!!!!

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