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Rainy Day Data

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I was supposed to go to New Jersey this weekend. Had my bags packed and everything. But then my car kept acting up, and the weather forecast looked pretty unfortunate, so when my alarm went off at 5:30 yesterday morning, I made the groggy decision to just sleep for two more hours and go to work instead of drive up there.

I’m glad I did work yesterday because I had a call with a prospective new client at 9:30, signed a contract to do some work for them at 10am, and was finished with the entire project and ready to invoice it by the end of the day. It was kind of a Salesforce project, but it was mostly a data cleansing and augmentation project. I find myself working on a lot of those lately.

I think I always had an affinity for data. It started out as an obsession with grammar and categorizing things into lists in my journals and diaries when I was younger. It evolved into immaculate file-naming conventions in college and impeccable folder structures, which were admired by everyone in my office at my first “real job.” It’s the reason I created such silly categories (then tags) for this blog. When TranSystems implemented a CRM system, I became vigilant about always using the system as the source of truth. And when my last company decided to overhaul their internal communication and multiple applications with Salesforce,  integrating it with their back-end system, I volunteered to lead the project because I couldn’t imagine anyone being able to get a handle on that company’s data (and processes) better than I could.

I never really knew the proper way to clean up a massive amount of data. Every time I’ve done it (until yesterday), I’ve done it in Excel, Google Sheets and/or Smartsheet, but I’ve always known that wasn’t the “right” way to do it. Last time a client asked me to take the lead on a big data migration, I chickened out and deferred to another consultant because I wasn’t confident enough in my strategy for doing it. That other consultant screwed it up royally, and I felt terrible for making that recommendation, which is why I did commit to helping them clean it all up.

It’s also why I spent this rainy day at work mastering my new favorite free thing I found on the Internet: OpenRefine. I cleaned up about a half a million pieces of data in three hours today. It sounds super nerdy, but I was pretty excited about it. 🙂

Speaking of work, today marks one year of me not having a “real job” anymore. And while that means I work excessively and haven’t had a real paycheck in 365 days…it also means I’ve spent an entire year not wasting a single minute wondering what I could be doing instead of my job. And that feels pretty amazing. 🙂

I’ve learned a lot about time, money, success, happiness, and work over the last year. Maybe I’ll write about that next.

On Repeat: Lana Del Rey

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Yesterday, I happened to catch episode 4 of Music’s Cool w/Chilly Gonzales on Beats 1.(Yes, I chose Apple Music over Spotify, and I love it.) As a former oboe player who spent hours upon hours playing, practicing, and studying music during high school and college (including two summers at band camp), I was immediately taken with this intricate dive into the music of Lana Del Ray. I especially enjoyed the comparisons and similarities drawn between her melodies and other popular music throughout history. Can’t wait to catch up on the first three episodes Music’s Cool, and listen to the next few through the end of the year!

Literally the fastest way I can think of to add business card contacts to Salesforce

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All I do is work and answer questions about Salesforce, so I’m just going to answer some here.

Here is the fastest way I can think of to add business card contacts to Salesforce.

What you’ll need:
Mobile device
Business card
Evernote app
Salesforce1 app

1. Open Evernote and use the camera to scan the business card. (Evernote will recognize it’s a business card — you don’t even need to click the button.)

2. Save the business card in Evernote, tap the “…” button, and tap, “Add to contacts.”

3. Open Salesforce1.

4. Tap on “Contacts”.

5. Tap the “New” button.

6. Tap the “Import from Device” button.

7. Find and tap on the contact you just saved.

8. Populate the Account and any other fields required by your particular company.

9. Click “Save.”

10. Extra points if you then quickly log a call and use the talk-to-text feature on your phone to make some notes about where you met this person.

Happy Salesforcing!

How I’m Going to Save Time Doing Laundry for the Rest of My Life

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lost socks

I bought 15 pairs of these, nine pairs of these, and six pairs of these (in black), and I’m never ever wasting a moment of my life matching up socks again.

Inevitably, my supply of socks will run low again at some point, and when that happens, I plan to replace all of them at once. And that just means I’m going to save money on all the socks I don’t buy when I run into Target “really quick” for cat litter or gluten-free macaroni and cheese.

Want to steal my idea? Here are some decent options for similar no-show, athletic, and boot socks:

If not, you probably need this.

Lammily & Me

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Lammily & Me
Over the last few days, I’ve  been doing a little shopping in preparation for my upcoming trip to Hawaii (one week from tomorrow!). To be honest, these last few months curled up in a chair working long hours at the office, sitting in front of the computer, and eating lots of delicious lunches has taken a bit of a toll, and searching for the perfect swimsuit wasn’t quite as enjoyable as it could have been. It’s okay, though. A person can only have so many priorities at a time, and I know I wouldn’t trade managing this project for the world — not even to be a few pounds lighter. I’ll take care of that when I’m done with this.

Cue Lammily — this adorable little Barbie alternative designed by Nickolay Lamm. My cousin Grace posted a link to an article about this doll, and I thought it was really cool. I clicked through to the photos, and what happened next caught me somewhat by surprise. As a fairly rational, successful, 32-year-old human being, I can honestly tell you that seeing three pictures of this doll made me feel better about myself. Better than when people compliment my outfits. Better than when my boyfriend tells me I look beautiful. Better than when I’m having the most amazing hair day ever. That’s completely and utterly ridiculous if you think about it. I didn’t even know that I cared about not resembling a Barbie until I saw this doll. The world makes women think really strange things sometimes, I think.

And while I agree with these sentiments that Lammily isn’t any more ‘normal’ than Barbie (and labeling her as such would completely defeat the purpose), she’s a little closer to my five-foot-tall version of ‘normal’, and apparently, that means the world to me. =)