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How to Recover From Being Sick as Quickly as Possible

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I’m no doctor, but prior to going (mostly) gluten-free, I was a certifiable hypochondriac, which I presume entitles me to give unsolicited health advice to my friends every once in awhile. Having spent five years in a constant state of anxiety about my well-being resulted in me having somewhat of a heightened sense of awareness about my health most of the time, which means when I actually am sick, I catch it early — which does often result in my recovering more quickly. I hate doctors, and I hate taking prescription medication unless I really have to, so this is my approach to recovering as fast as I possibly can with or without either one of those two things.

1. Know when you are getting sick. Once you’re 25 or 30 years old, you should have a pretty good idea of which symptoms mean you’re getting sick (and which ones just mean you’re tired or stressed). For me, I start to feel light-headed, mildly achy, sometimes my throat gets scratchy, and my ears start to click or feel congested. That’s a sure sign I’m coming down with something.

2. As soon as you know you are getting sick, start acting like a sick person. If you are at work, leave. If you are at a party, leave. If you are at the mall, leave. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not eat McDonald’s, and do not drink any more alcohol. I started to feel somewhat crappy on Friday night two hours into a party. I could have stayed, but instead I made my apologies, said my goodbyes, and promptly took myself home. I know that two hours spent partying might mean an extra two days sick for me.

3. Get in bed, and stay there. Don’t clean. Don’t do laundry. Stay in your bed. Force yourself to sleep as much as possible. Drink some water. Take a vitamin and some NyQuil if you have to, but sleep, sleep, sleep. In my opposite-of-expert medical opinion, I’m pretty sure your immune system functions better if you are (a) laying down and (b) not doing anything to distract it. You can get out of bed for three things: food/water, a bath/shower, a short walk outdoors. If you are not sleeping, read a book, watch a movie, or try to bore yourself into going back to sleep.

4. Drink/eat plenty of fluids. These include water, juice, soup, and/or tea. I don’t know about Gatorade. Somehow drinking sugary sports drinks while you are laying in bed seems counterintuitive to me, but whatever makes you feel better. If you’re feeling up to it, get some protein, carbs and veggies in you, too. You can get up if you have to, but it’s better to con someone else to come over and bring these items to you. (Extra points if they take care of your pets while they’re at it.)

5. Keep your favorite over-the-counter drugs on hand. Mine include Advil, Zyrtec D, NyQuil, DayQuil, Airborne and the occasional cough drop. I’d rather mess with these than go to the doctor and get a prescription any day of the week.

6. If after 24-48 hours of this behavior you are getting worse, go to the doctor. As much as I hate the doctor, I know that within two days of resting, I’m usually feeling much better, if not 100% back to normal. So if that doesn’t happen, I don’t procrastinate. I go straight to the doctor, tell her what’s up, and try to get her to prescribe a medication I know I’ve taken in the past for something similar that worked. Then I go back home and repeat steps 1 through 4 until I feel better.

And that’s it. Don’t go back to work or anywhere else until you feel better and/or until you’re not going to get everyone else sick!

Thanks to this approach, I’ve avoided the doctor for many things (other than the shingles) over the last several years, and I’ve probably saved myself three sick days for every one I took as soon as I started to feel bad.

Then again, just because this works for me doesn’t mean it’s perfect for everyone. What do you think? Do you do anything special that I should add to the list?

P.S. That picture is from 2009. I am not currently reading Twilight. I am reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. =)

I was too lazy to wash my face before bed last night.

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I know sleeping in my makeup is so bad for my skin, which is why I haven’t done it in almost two years. But, slipping up on good habits is often one of the best ways for me to stay motivated because it reminds my why I shouldn’t do whatever I did when I slipped up.

Because then here’s what happened when I woke up this morning:

Once I got over the initial annoyance that I couldn’t fully open my eyes to read the six text messages on my phone, I got a little cocky, Ke$sha style (is she still cool?). I thought, Oh man! I went to bed wearing all my eye makeup. I’m such a rock star. And see? I’m not too old to be stupid! Then I began to wonder what happened last night. High heels, cute top, birthday party…oh, yeah. I drank a measly two gluten-free beers, got tired, came home, and fell asleep around 10:30 with my iPhone in my hand because I was brainstorming up ways to improve my LinkedIn profile. So much for that. I rolled out of bed, trudged into the bathroom, and took a peek in the mirror, hoping to see tousled bed-head and sexy, smudgy eyes, but as I cringed at my actual reflection, I remembered this is real life, not some page out of Cosmopolitan magazine. (See above. Does anyone even read that anymore? Their website is awful.) I reached for my Clarisonic and re-pledged my undying commitment to scrubbing my face squeaky clean twice a day from now until forever…or at least the next time I drink six mojitos at dinner. No, even then.

Now I’m going to go wash my face again and reapply my makeup. Normally I wouldn’t even wear makeup on a Sunday, but thanks to last night’s laziness and lots of long hours at work this week, it’s the least I can do to look presentable before I go back to the office for the afternoon.

In other news, this is my first post from my new desk in my new home office (aka my former roommate’s former room). Due to a recent series of events, I’ve decided I don’t share nearly as many random embarrassing stories on this blog as I used to, and as a result, writing in it isn’t very fun anymore. I’m hoping this desk will inspire me to sit down and write about whatever pops into my head a little more in the coming months. That’s the plan anyway.

Hope whoever is reading this is having a lovely weekend. Thanks for stopping by. =)

This & That: Links I’m Loving This Week

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This & That Links 1

1. Is the warm weather finally here to stay? I hope so because Samantha’s glamorous resort-inspired look on her blog Could I Have That? is making me crave summer more than ever.

2. J.Crew’s new tropical print popover means people might think twice before poking fun at my Hawaiian shirt collection this year. (Also, these board shorts are almost identical the pair I wore the day I moved into my dorm room freshman year of college…shoulda saved those, too.)

3. One of my new year’s resolutions was to find ways to connect with other bloggers, so when I discovered the Virginia Bloggers community the other day, becoming a member was a no brainer. Looking forward to finding ways to network with this group.

4. I used one of these strawberry stem removers at my parents’ house last week. Brilliant. About to order one for myself as soon as I publish this post.

5. After being out of the office for a full nine days, I was relying on my noise-cancelling headphones to help me hunker down and get caught up at work this week. Unfortunately, they’re getting on in years and starting to fail me. Time for a new pair?

6. Emily’s new beachy waves tutorial was the first thing I saw when I woke up Tuesday morning, so I had to give it a try. I polished mine off with a little Bumble & bumble Surf Spray, and my wavy ‘do saw me all the way through to Wednesday night.

7. This collection of photos about an inseparable pair of twins who lead an identical life made me smile.

8. I’m the type of person who is always wondering, “What’s next? What’s next?” I often have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy where I’m at right now, so I’m in total agreement with these sentiments from Cara of The Champagne Diet: “You are exactly where you need to be.” (Image by Rui Molar.)

9. Looks like more rain for the next 24-48 hours as Tropical Storm Andrea makes her way northeast up the coast.

10. Getting a little bored with my gluten-free diet (yes, I’m still at it), so I’m looking forward to giving this recipe a try over the weekend.

Just a few links from around the web that caught my eye this week. How about you? Find anything interesting online recently? Share a cool link in the comments!