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My Valentine’s Day

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My friend Michelle brought in a box full of obnoxiously delicious pink and red cupcakes today for Valentine’s Day. I had one for breakfast (justifying it by stating that a cupcake is an infinitely more healthy breakfast option than leftover cheesecake).

After my cupcake, I spent a few minutes perusing BHLDN, the new Anthropologie wedding line. If I had a million dollars, I would buy one of everything just to twirl around in it. It’s a good thing I’m not engaged right now because I’d be having some serious self-control issues – right up there with what happens when they put that bowl of chips and salsa in front of me at Mexican restaurants. Since I’m not currently planning a wedding, my top three favorites on the BHLDN website today were the Gin Fizz Shift, the Bow-Topped Slingbacks in Saffron, and the Entwined Belt. Well the rope belt actually came off the top three when I realized it was $262. Unless you can convince me it’s made of rope from the Titanic, I’m pretty much not paying $262 for a belt.

After I was done perusing the BHLDN site, I got a little work done. Then, because Valentine’s Day is a holiday, and I felt like celebrating, I had leftover cheesecake as a mid-morning snack. I had this conversation in my head:

“Are you eating cheesecake?”


“But I thought you just ate a cupcake?”

“Oh yeah.”

My one saving grace was that the plan for this evening was to use my Groupon for a half-off slimming body wrap at Letoile Day Spa in Norfolk. (That’s half off the price, not half off my body weight, apparently.) Tina and I drove out to Norfolk after work, and after we sat through the same left turn arrow for like…eight light changes, we finally made it to the spa. We then proceeded to get rubbed down with “herbal gel” (Icy Hot) and mummified in plastic wrap and cheesecloth. Then we had to get in these space-capsule-looking things and heated up to 87 degrees. Baking in there was fine for the first 32 minutes, but the last eight were pretty brutal (and sweaty).

Anyway, after that, I picked up a romantic dinner of Firehouse Subs for J and I. We actually had our Valentine’s Day dinner last night at Il Giardino. J ordered me a tripod for my new camera for Valentine’s Day, and he also surprised me with a dozen roses. It was sweet. =)

Now we’re going to do our normal Monday night thing — watch Chuck. =)

And that was my day. Oh, and I still want those yellow shoes. A lot.

Images courtesy of BHLDN.

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I had this idea to write an awesome blog post about all the funny things I said this weekend, but now that it’s time to write it, I can’t remember a damn thing I was going to write down. Except I do remember saying, “If I lean really far over on the couch, it looks like the fig tree has grown enough to block the TV!”

My grandfather gave me this fig tree in a bucket for Christmas. It kind of looked like a long stick with a few leaves when I got it. It’s been growing like a weed. But, since I never really watch TV with the top half of my body hovering in midair over the arm rest, this isn’t really an issue yet. Maybe in a week or two.



This crazy trip has got me feelin’: tired
And I’m singin’ along to: OMG – Usher (I watched the Grammys for like a second…)

What You’ve Been Missing

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Hi, my name is Lisa. I never update my LiveJournal. I take ice skating and belly-dancing lessons, and I have a cat named Mele that I adopted from Chesapeake Cat Rescue a few weeks ago. I work full-time as a marketing assistant (which means I work on Fridays now), and I’m about to receive an A (as far as I know) in my first graduate-level course, Modern Rhetoric. My ex-boyfriend lives in Alabama now, but we watch “Love Monkey” together on Tuesday nights. I kind of started a business a few months ago with my roommate, Allison, but we hardly talk right now because she has a boyfriend and never comes home. I spend a lot of time reading and watching my TiVo. I’m currently reading How to Make Love Like A Porn Star…A Cautionary Tale by Jenna Jameson – it’s her autobiography and it’s awesome. Sometimes my military friends call me from other countries, like Bahrain, Iraq, Spain and Japan. I hardly listen to cool music right now because my Malibu just spits my CDs out and says “E r r” (short for “Error”) when I try to play them, and my iPod is never charged. Most nights when I don’t feel like running, I use “My iPod isn’t charged” as an excuse. I tried to go back to Weight Watchers recently, but found myself very un-motivated to lose 2.8 pounds. I recently got a raise at work, but I keep trying to get another one without success. I usually put off food shopping as long as possible because it makes me lonely. I’ve been drinking a lot of water and my hair is highlighted, so it’s pretty blonde. My digital camera was stolen on St. Patrick’s Day, but my mom got me a new one for my birthday and I love taking lots of pictures wherever I go. That’s about it.

Catching Up

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Greetings earthlings. Is it hot down there?

Just kidding. I haven’t left the planet. I’m here experiencing the heat wave just like you — I promise. Hell, I even wore shorts to the office today. My mom said I was going to get fired. She said, “You’re always pushing the limits with those people.” Eh, whatever. My friend Stacey the un-receptionist quit last week, so I don’t even care if I get fired. This job is no fun anymore.

On the other hand, my latest restaurant job is pretty awesome.

I went to the Outer Banks last weekend to hang out with The Big A and her family in Corolla. It was a pretty good time. I did a lot of crossword puzzles and we taught her parents how to play Texas Hold ‘Em.

I’ve been going to the beach every afternoon that I have time after work to go swimming in the ocean.

Some random guy approached me in a parking garage the other day, commented on a particular body part of mine and asked me if I wanted to be a dancer in his friend’s upcoming music video, “Gangsta Love,” which will be taped over Labor Day weekend out near the Oceanfront. I politely declined, but I’m starting to think maybe I should have looked into it. I may have just passed up my once-in-a-lifetime chance at embarking on the career path of a rock star.

Allison and I have officially begun our search for a roommate to take Robbie’s place by October 15th when we renew our lease. Feel free to check out our profile — Allisa304 on

Speaking of Allison, she’s on a cruise this week with her family, so when her new boyfriend got arrested in her Jeep the other night, the Jeep got towed away and I had to track it down and go pick it up with $125 of my own cash. Her boyfriend is currently in jail for being a moron — Building 7 in Virginia Beach near the courthouse if you want to go pay him a little visit. I personally am unable to visit Blair in jail due to the fact that upon seeing him, I would probably resort to physical violence and also be arrested.

I had a dentist appointment to get my teeth cleaned this morning. Then I got them all dirty again with a huge sandwich from Arby’s on my way to work. I felt bad eating fast food 30 minutes after my fluoride treatment, but I had to. My coupon for $1.00 of any combo meal was about to expire.

I’ve been trying to cut back on my partying recently. Well, not really. I’d love to party, but apparently all of my guy friends are starting to think that my constant accompanying them out to bars is hindering their chances at scoring hot chicks. So, I’ve been making a conscious effort to stay in and watch TV some nights in order to support their quests for STDs/new girlfriends. It’s all good though — Big Brother 6 and Aqua Teen Hungerforce have been keeping me pretty entertained. Janelle, Kaysar and Meatwad have really been broadening my horizons about a lot of important topics such as comparing real life to chess strategies and the nutritional advantages of a weenie smoothie (lots of protein!). In the meantime, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that those boys don’t feel too bad when they figure out it wasn’t my fault about the hot chicks.

About that show Big Brother, though — do you ever wonder whose eye that is in the opening credits? I mean, does some person actually get paid to blink on film?

Anyway, back to work. Stay cool.