My friend Michelle brought in a box full of obnoxiously delicious pink and red cupcakes today for Valentine’s Day. I had one for breakfast (justifying it by stating that a cupcake is an infinitely more healthy breakfast option than leftover cheesecake).

After my cupcake, I spent a few minutes perusing BHLDN, the new Anthropologie wedding line. If I had a million dollars, I would buy one of everything just to twirl around in it. It’s a good thing I’m not engaged right now because I’d be having some serious self-control issues – right up there with what happens when they put that bowl of chips and salsa in front of me at Mexican restaurants. Since I’m not currently planning a wedding, my top three favorites on the BHLDN website today were the Gin Fizz Shift, the Bow-Topped Slingbacks in Saffron, and the Entwined Belt. Well the rope belt actually came off the top three when I realized it was $262. Unless you can convince me it’s made of rope from the Titanic, I’m pretty much not paying $262 for a belt.

After I was done perusing the BHLDN site, I got a little work done. Then, because Valentine’s Day is a holiday, and I felt like celebrating, I had leftover cheesecake as a mid-morning snack. I had this conversation in my head:

“Are you eating cheesecake?”


“But I thought you just ate a cupcake?”

“Oh yeah.”

My one saving grace was that the plan for this evening was to use my Groupon for a half-off slimming body wrap at Letoile Day Spa in Norfolk. (That’s half off the price, not half off my body weight, apparently.) Tina and I drove out to Norfolk after work, and after we sat through the same left turn arrow for like…eight light changes, we finally made it to the spa. We then proceeded to get rubbed down with “herbal gel” (Icy Hot) and mummified in plastic wrap and cheesecloth. Then we had to get in these space-capsule-looking things and heated up to 87 degrees. Baking in there was fine for the first 32 minutes, but the last eight were pretty brutal (and sweaty).

Anyway, after that, I picked up a romantic dinner of Firehouse Subs for J and I. We actually had our Valentine’s Day dinner last night at Il Giardino. J ordered me a tripod for my new camera for Valentine’s Day, and he also surprised me with a dozen roses. It was sweet. =)

Now we’re going to do our normal Monday night thing — watch Chuck. =)

And that was my day. Oh, and I still want those yellow shoes. A lot.

Images courtesy of BHLDN.

This crazy trip has got me feelin’: loved
And I’m singin’ along to: Short Skirt Long Jacket – Cake

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