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10 Years, 10 Friends, 10 Days: The Mothership

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Guest post #4 is by my mom. I’m glad she took a little while to elaborate on the series of brief posts I wrote about our cross-country drives back in 2004 because it was the perfect opportunity to post a few more photos from back in the day when blogging pictures was pretty much nonexistent. =) Also, “Blinded by the light.” That is all.

My guest post is about a series of blog posts that Lisa made during January 2004 and April 2004. As I looked over Lisa’s blog, it occurred to me that the posts I should share are those that involved our travels. I love to travel and I hope I passed a little of that gene on to Lisa.

hoover dam

In January 2004, Lisa decided she would move to Vegas to live with my brother, Frank, his wife, Kim, and their four kids (the little cousins). Of course, she would need her car, so the only way to get there was to drive. One small problem…Lisa didn’t want to drive alone. This began our cross country adventure.

NJ to Las Vegas — Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6 (February 2004)


We decided we would take Route 40, so we set off making our first stop Blacksburg, VA, to meet up with a few of Lisa’s sorority sisters. We spent five days together encountering rain, snow and fog; we discovered Graceland is closed on Tuesdays and hiked down a canyon in Arizona.


We shopped for western boots in Texas and travelled a bit of the famous Route 66, stopping at a car museum along the way. Watching the tumbleweeds occupied a lot of our day in New Mexico and Arizona, and finally, we drove over Hoover Dam – a sure sign that we were almost there.

new mexico

As it turned out, Lisa spent three months in Las Vegas and said it was time to come home. You know what that meant. Mommy had to drive Lisa and the Malibu back to Jersey.

hoover dam 2

Las Vegas to NJ — Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 (April 2004)

Being one to take every advantage of a situation, I decided we would take a more northern route this time. It was spring so most of the snow in Colorado should be melted. We headed up to Utah and into Colorado. We made our first stop in Vail at the Vail Cascade Resort & Spa. The next day we set out for Pike’s Peak to ride the cog railroad, but the car was having a lot of trouble getting out of its own way at 9,000 feet. We were sure the Malibu was in need of repairs. We departed Vail and while we were doing 45 MPH down the highway, we watched the signs tick off the altitude telling us we were descending to a more oxygen rich atmosphere. We were so happy that the Malibu had enough oxygen to continue our journey.

cog wheel

Driving along Route 70 in Kansas at night, we hit a piece of truck tire which prompted us to pull into the next gas station and check for leaks under the car. Back on the highway, a huge tumbleweed crossecd the highway and I was sure it was a cow! It was time to stop for the night. We made a short stop in St. Louis to ride the tram to the top of the Arch and took a boat ride on the Mississippi River.
I’m so glad Lisa took the time to document our travels every night. I just read each day’s account and it brought back all those memories.


Although I have spent more wonderful days with Lisa than I can count, I would have to say that these ten days were among some of my favorites. I’m glad were able to zigzag through some of this country’s beautiful states together!


Keep travelling, Lisa! It makes for wonderful blog posts! Congratulations on keeping us laughing for ten years! I love you!

blinded by the light

What You’ve Been Missing

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Hi, my name is Lisa. I never update my LiveJournal. I take ice skating and belly-dancing lessons, and I have a cat named Mele that I adopted from Chesapeake Cat Rescue a few weeks ago. I work full-time as a marketing assistant (which means I work on Fridays now), and I’m about to receive an A (as far as I know) in my first graduate-level course, Modern Rhetoric. My ex-boyfriend lives in Alabama now, but we watch “Love Monkey” together on Tuesday nights. I kind of started a business a few months ago with my roommate, Allison, but we hardly talk right now because she has a boyfriend and never comes home. I spend a lot of time reading and watching my TiVo. I’m currently reading How to Make Love Like A Porn Star…A Cautionary Tale by Jenna Jameson – it’s her autobiography and it’s awesome. Sometimes my military friends call me from other countries, like Bahrain, Iraq, Spain and Japan. I hardly listen to cool music right now because my Malibu just spits my CDs out and says “E r r” (short for “Error”) when I try to play them, and my iPod is never charged. Most nights when I don’t feel like running, I use “My iPod isn’t charged” as an excuse. I tried to go back to Weight Watchers recently, but found myself very un-motivated to lose 2.8 pounds. I recently got a raise at work, but I keep trying to get another one without success. I usually put off food shopping as long as possible because it makes me lonely. I’ve been drinking a lot of water and my hair is highlighted, so it’s pretty blonde. My digital camera was stolen on St. Patrick’s Day, but my mom got me a new one for my birthday and I love taking lots of pictures wherever I go. That’s about it.

Traffic Report

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So, I’m in Jersey for the weekend for Thanksgiving. I drove up yesterday. Mark came up with me and we took Route 13 up the Eastern Shore. I think the Eastern Shore must be home to some wackos. Here’s why:

1. As soon as we came over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel we saw a guy wearing camouflage and an orange vest dark across the highway with a rifle right in front of my car. Wow. Only in Virginia.

2. Twenty miles later, we saw two guys in red jackets leaning dangerously over the shoulder of the road holding something out in front of them. As we got closer we realized that they were holding raw shrimp out over the highway. Raw shrimp – still in the shells, complete with beady eyes and little legs. Apparently those are a hot commodity around Thanksgiving.

3. A little after that we saw a car stopped on the side of the road with a guy lying on the ground next to it. I thought they person was dead or something, but upon looking closer we realized that he was just very intent on figuring out what was malfunctioning underneath his vehicle.

Yay for driving in the South.

On the other hand, driving in the North isn’t much better these days. Traffic on the Parkway was ridiculous this afternoon. I think we spent almost 2.5 hours driving up to my aunt’s house – trip that usually takes less than an hour. Woohoo. New Jersey is awesome – I especially love that no one believes in blinkers here. It really makes driving in heavy traffic a lot less boring. Just because you’re driving three miles per hour, doesn’t mean there won’t be any excitement around you – what with people weaving in and out of lanes and giving each other the finger and all. I seriously think New Jersey should consider banning brake lights during periods of heavy traffic volume as well. Yeah! Gives me a rush just thinking about how great that would be!

Ok, I’m done.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Home Alone

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Allison is is Arizona, Robbie is in Maryland, and every sailor I know is out in the middle of the ocean right now — therefore I thought this weekend was going to be the worst weekend ever because I would have absolutely nothing to do. The way I saw it, from Thursday at 3:00 p.m., when I left work, until Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m., when I have to be at my other job, I was going to be completely and utterly bored.

I was being a completely miserable human being on Thursday. I had a cavity filled in the morning, so on top of my not looking forward to the weekend, the entire lower right side of my face was numb. I spent $10 on lunch and couldn’t even taste it and my throat was starting to hurt. I was in such a bad mood, I was beginning to give myself (and everyone around me) a migraine. So, I left work early and came home to watch every episode of NCIS since February 15 on my TiVo. Then I popped three Tylenol PM and went to sleep for a very long time.

On Friday morning, I opted to stop being miserable and headed to work for a few hours in a totally inappropriate outfit. I worked for a half hour, took an hour-long lunch break with Stacey, worked for another hour and then peaced out. I basically accomplished nothing — as usual. I headed straight to the mall and saw the new Herbie movie. Lindsay Lohan is my hero. I made a few sweet purchases at Victoria’s Secret and Banana Republic and called Scott, who invited me out to the Duck-In. (Apparently I did still have one friend in town.)

I showered, put on my new shirt and headed up to Shore Drive. It took me almost 45 minutes to find a parking spot, but I even ran into some other people I knew at the Duck-In, so that was cool. From there, we went to this little bar called the Cabo Cafe, which was pretty boring. I decided to leave. I figured since I was already dressed up and on Shore Drive, I would head over to Hot Tuna to see if I could find some new sailors to be friends with. No such luck. I made one lap around the place and left.

On the way home, I passed this stupid bar where someone told me they have karaoke on Friday nights. It was totally sketchy. I decided to go. It was more than totally sketchy. It was full of weirdos and rednecks. I signed up to sing “Addicted” by Simple Plan. Then I scribbled it out and wrote down another song, which I scribbled out five minutes later and switched back to Simple Plan. I faked having to make a phone call to run out to my car and rehearse it once, then I went in and got over my fear of singing in public. The karaoke guy even said I was pretty good, but he could have just been talking about my skirt. I guess I can check “Sing karaoke at a bar” off my list of New Year’s Resolutions.

I managed to do all of this before 1:00 a.m., so I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts on the way home for a Chocolate Frosted to reward myself for being so awesome in the face of such a potentially boring weekend.

This morning, I got up at 9:20 a.m. and found myself strangely motivated to wash the Malibu. It must have been the Herbie movie. The Malibu hasn’t been washed since last June. It was totally disgusting. I bought some supplies at Target and drove over to the Freedom Wash. The Freedom Wash is very overwhelming. At night, it’s all lit up and could definitely be mistaken for a theme park by an unsuspecting tourist.

Anyway, I vacuumed the floors, I cleaned the seats with foaming upholstery cleaner, and I washed the car. A car wash attendant named Bob felt bad for me because I was spending so much money on time with the soapy brush, so he gave me some free minutes and helped me scrub the layers and layers of dirt off of my car. Then he gave me a free brush to clean my wheels with. Score. I tipped him five dollars. Then I cleaned the windows with glass wipes and even Windexed the insides of the doors and other hard-to-reach greasy spots on the car. Most people find, like, pens and money and stuff when they clean their cars. I found a year-and-a-half-old Dorito Rollito on the floor and a deserted wasps’ nest on one of my doors, so that was pretty gross.

I was really hot when I was done, so I got a huge smoothie laced with Vitamin C from Tropical Smoothie (my throat still hurts) and rented four movies from Hollywood Video.

So, that’s it. Now I’m watching movies and I just made myself some sloppy joes on hot dog buns for dinner, and I’m thinking that a Saturday alone wasn’t so bad after all. Even rock stars need a break every once in awhile.

Malibu Moments

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I haven’t had much time to update recently because I’ve been trying to cram in as much fun stuff and quality time with the little cousins as possible before I head back east.  Yesterday happened to be a prime opportunity since K and Court somehow convinced my aunt that school was optional on the day before Spring Break.  Ellie (the neighbor) didn’t go to school either, so we all piled into the Malibu and headed down to the Strip for a rainy day at the Fashion Show Mall and the movies.


Driving the little cousins around Las Vegas is always a huge production.  It is somewhat difficult to concentrate on what is going on outside the vehicle when you are bombarded with constant screaming, singing, fighting, blasting music, yelling, flashing cameras, clapping, banging, flying chocolates, bouncing, violent dancing, and hysterical laughing inside the vehicle.  Somehow, the road seems unbelievably boring compared to what goes on inside my car.


I don’t usually posts tons and tons of pictures in my journal entries, but I’m going to make an exception so that I can share some of yesterday’s Malibu Moments with you.


Driving from our house to the Strip takes about 20-30 minutes (depending on traffic, lights, and accidents) which gives us a nice window of time to expand our musical horizons in the car.


Since my cousins are teenage girls, we usually rock out to Simple Plan, MXPX, or Sugarcult, but occasionally they will let me entertain them with some Reel Big Fish, Aerosmith, or Catch-22.


In between CDs, there is always someone shouting out the window to an innocent passerby or the occupants of another vehicle.  I try to prevent this as much as possible, but I usually fail.


When the younger cousins are in the car, fighting, kicking, shouting, pinching, and punching are a normal occurance, but luckily, the older ones only argue over which CD they want to scream along to next.


I think we must scare the crap out of the security guards when we come through the gate to our neighborhood.  Usually there are limbs hanging out of the windows and sunroof, music blasting, and kids yelling at the top of their lungs.  The security guards and I exchange glances as we pass through the gate.  Those security guys must think I’m a lunatic for driving all these nutsy kids around.


All in all, driving my little cousins around Vegas is awesome.  We all take tons of pictures whenever we go out and then rush home to look at them as a slide show on my laptop.


I can only hope that your cousins are half as crazy as mine are.

This crazy trip has got me feelin’: happy
And I’m singin’ along to: Bouncing Off The Walls – Sugarcult