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Come Monday

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You didn’t think I’d let the long weekend end without posting an end-of-summer music video, did you? (I’ve probably done this enough times now to make an entire playlist…)

For the record, I think this video is weird. Scroll down and look at some pictures instead. ūüėČ

Some of my favorite memories from this summer:

Hanging out with my brother. Especially the time we managed to fit in kayaking, paddle boarding, and surfing all in one weekend. And the time we spent the afternoon moving his stuff off his ship.

Blackbeard’s Revenge scavenger hunt w/coworkers from 1701.

Tina’s (kind of) annual crab feast.

Hanging w/my parents @ the Jimmy Buffett concert.

Painting the picnic tables @ 1701.

Sunrise bike rides.

Relaxing on the porch. With the dog. And delicious coffee.

Driving out to the beach to snap photos of a lightning storm.

Beach days for days. Especially the ones with all of these super cool neighbors, like Labor Day and the 4th of July.

Riding my bike to go see Wonder Woman in the air conditioned theater on a super hot day.

Celebrating 1701’s first birthday!

Winning this Inside Business Entrepreneurial Excellence Award.

My solo, 29-hour vacation, where I spent the night in Charlottesville and the following day in Shenandoah National Park. Especially my hike down to a waterfall. ūüôā

The weekend Nicole came to visit, which ended with this hilarious dolphin-watching cruise and a trip to Big Sam’s for clam strips…even though they were all out of clam strips. ūüôā

Long, productive work days at 1701…and on the beach.

Breezy evenings by the ocean at sunset. I’ll never get enough of those.

The Type of Blog Post I Used to Write in 2004 (Alternate Title: Sharks Ruined My After-Work Beach Plans)

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Heather: How’s it going?

Lisa: It’s soooo hot. Do you want to go swimming in the ocean and then get some ice cream for dinner?

Heather: You want to go swimming with all the sharks?

Lisa: Oh. Sharks? I guess I’ll just get ice cream then. What sharks?

Heather: Haven’t you read about the sharks all over the place? There were like two at 78th street.

Lisa: I mean, I read about that shark¬†eating people down in North Carolina, but… I guess I’ve been really busy.

Heather: Have you been watching The Bachelorette?

Lisa: Those guys should all leave. Sharks? Really? What are you doing right now?

Heather:¬†Yeah. We really need to find someone who has a pool. Going to Applebee’s.

Lisa: Applebee’s is disgusting. I gotta go. I need to order my ice cream.

P.S. Speaking of sharks, this guy seems like a cool person.

P.P.S. Eleven animals more likely to kill you than sharks.

Resolution Update + LDW + 10 Years in VB

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I worked too much this summer. I guess I had it coming — I haven’t spent this few summer days at the beach since…well, I don’t know when. I’ve literally only taken one day off all summer, and that was to head up to Michigan for my brother’s wedding! I took it a little bit easy last week though, and I managed to wear every Lilly Pulitzer dress I own “one last time” this summer (until next week?). The past four days have been jam packed with family, friends, food, fun, and lots and lots of music. And even though I’m sad to see the season end and all my out-of-town guests head home…I’m not as sad as I usually am come September.

Labor Day weekend always makes me feel like summer’s over, but I think I’ve been around here long enough to know better by now. Long enough, as in…it has been exactly 10 years since the day I packed up some stuff, drove down here on a Tuesday, and never left. September in Virginia Beach is always gorgeous. All the crazy people are gone, and even though work is extra busy, I always manage to make it out to the beach on the weekends.

So here’s to another summer, another year in VB, and another September. The year is two-thirds over, and I still have lots to get done.

PMP Certification
ITIL Certification
Salesforce Administrator Certification
Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification Developer Certification
Attend Dreamforce again
Successfully get data governance committee up and running –¬†Launched data governance committee, January 10. Second data governance meeting went really well, February 25.
Develop a new strategy for keeping my email under control –¬†This awesome out-of-office message made it so I didn’t need to worry about drowning in e-mails the entire time I was on vacation:¬†Aloha! I will be on vacation in Hawaii from March 28 through April 5. I will be checking emails intermittently, so if your email is urgent, please write me back and let me know by putting URGENT in the subject line (but keep in mind I’ll be six hours behind EDT). If it can wait until I return, please write me again on or after April 7 because it’s quite possible your original email will be lost in a sea of unread messages in my Inbox by then. ūüôā Pineapples & palm trees, Lisa DeNoia.

Redesign the blog (again) –¬†Redesigned and renamed the blog, January 26.
Post a series of gluten-free recipes (I’m hoping this will motivate me to cook more?)
Participate in¬†Nicole‘s “Finish This” series –¬†Co-hosting¬†Finish This…¬†series. Wrote four posts in January. I haven’t been doing quite as well with this in February — I’m going to catch up, though. I completely failed at this in March. Sorry, Nicole! And continued to do so in April. I posted one of these in May, but I seriously need to get it together. ūüôĀ
Write something hilarious –¬†My out-of-office message above? ūüėČ
Plan a link-up for next year’s resolutions

Plan a girls trip – Girls trip to Disney is planned for October 2-6!
Visit Nicole in Texas
Visit Regina in Colorado
Visit Tara in Ohio (or meet her somewhere cool)
Visit my brother in Jacksonville and take a road trip down the coast of Florida to Key West
Eat pineapples in Hawaii –¬†I ate pineapples¬†every day¬†in Hawaii, March 28-April 5.
Play poker in Las Vegas
Taste wine at some vineyards
Take pictures of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse

New Things to Do
Shoot a gun (well)
Learn to play the guitar ukulele (at least one song)
Eat a clam (because I promised J’s sister I would try one of hers) –¬†Ate a clam @ Metropolitan Oyster Exchange, early April. I didn’t love it, but I ate it.
Acquire some kind of bar cart or wine rack (liquor bottles are taking over my counter) –¬†Acquired wine rack/bar, January 12.
Take a dance class
Start a¬†good things jar¬†(or maybe a virtual one) –¬†Started virtual ‚Äúgood things‚ÄĚ jar in Evernote, January 4.
Get that damn container of books out of the back of my car –¬†Container of books out of car and put away on a new shelf, January 12.

The Usual
Keep up the horseback riding
Go surfing –¬†Surfed in Waikiki, April 1.
Go ice skating
Do yoga
Host a party @ my house
Read at least 10 good books –¬†Crystal Blue¬†by John H. Cunningham,¬†The Wet and the Dry: A Drinker’s Journey¬†by Lawrence Osborne,¬†Another Roadside Attractions¬†by Tom Robbins,¬†Hawaii¬†by James Michener,¬†Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins,¬†Hoot by Carl Hiassen
Attend a few good concerts –¬†Yarn @ The Jewish Mother, January 27. Taimane @ the Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii, April 3. Frankie Valli @ Chrysler Hall, April 8. Bruce Springsteen @ the Amphitheater, April 12. Jimmy Buffett @ Farm Bureau Live, May 24. Avett Brothers @ Ntelos Pavilion, June 8. Party Fins @ Town Center, August 27. Vertical Horizon @ Neptune’s Park, August 29. Rusted Root @ Neptune’s Park and Cherry Poppin’ Daddies @ 17th Street Stage, August 30. Train @ 5th Street Stage, August 31.
See a few good plays –¬†Vagina Monologues @¬†ODU, February 15.
Publish something I’ve written somewhere other than my own blog

Financial Goals
Put more money in the 529 college savings plans I opened for my BFF’s kids
Increase monthly TD Ameritrade transfer to $325 in January and $350 in June –¬†Increased monthly TD transfer to $325, January 4. I don’t know why I said June here. I meant July. But this is done, July 5.¬†
Start a new business (preferably with another person — I think it would be more fun that way)
Create a 2014 budget and track my progress against it monthly in Mint, Quicken or some other tool
Achieve the savings and net worth goals I wrote down in my budget

For My Well-Being
Get back in the habit of getting regular facials
Have a vegetarian week
Find a new cleaning service – New person has been cleaning my house since early August. ūüôā
Watch less TV –¬†I’ve been watching¬†so¬†much less TV. I don’t have time to watch TV.
Get contacts or prescription sunglasses
Join a gym
Run in the R&R Half Marathon (I said I’d never do it again, but I changed my mind) – Fail. I changed by mind back. ūüôā
Log 3,650,000 steps on my Fitbit (that’s an average of 10,000 per day) –¬†Walked/ran 246,032 steps and 99.56 miles in January. Walked/ran 214,419 steps and 86.76 miles in February.¬†Walked/ran 183,128 steps and 81.32 miles in March (got a little behind while I was sick for a few days). Walked/ran 258,099 steps and 103.10 miles in April. Walked/ran 237,871 steps and 97.05 miles in May (lost one day because my Fitbit’s battery died). Walked/ran 183,714 steps and 73.57 mils in June. Walked/ran 157,811 steps and 62.77 miles in July (lost three days because my Fitbit’s battery died). Walked/ran 209,014 steps and 83.75 miles in August (lost one day because my Fitbit’s battery died).

And, as usual, make one new resolution every month:
January:¬†Get new running shoes –¬†New running shoes¬†arrived, January 8.
February:¬†Complete Salesforce¬†Administrations Essentials for New Admins (ADM201)¬†training online –¬†I’m almost done, but I have about an hour and half left. However, I’ve accomplished more than eight average human beings this month, so I refuse to insinuate that I failed at this. I’m going to get it done as soon as I can.
March:¬†Complete PMP application –¬†Fail.
April:¬†Stop leaving work after the sun goes down –¬†Accomplished. Thank you, DST.
May:¬†Put a bed in my guest room –¬†Bed in the guest room, May 23. Mattress on the bed, May 25.
June:¬†Have the VHS of my high school history project converted to digital media –¬†Failed. I forgot I even wrote this down.
July:¬†Apply to volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters – Kind of. Apparently Big Brothers Big Sisters only exists on the Peninsula, and they don’t accept volunteers from the Southside. Which makes sense — it would be difficult to commit to driving all the way up there at least once per week. I’ll look for something else.
August: Fail because I didn’t post my update.
September: Sign up for the Salesforce Administrator exam (and take it). Also, beach days. As many beach days as possible.

Resolution Update

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Eight months down, four to go. The gorgeous weather we’ve had recently almost made up for all the rain we had earlier this season. These last few official weeks of summer have been rightfully spent down on the sand — soaking up the sun, swimming in the ocean, riding along the bike path, running on the boardwalk, listening to music, and wishing summer would stick around a little longer. When I wasn’t at the beach (or at work), I was sipping frozen drinks with a good book on the patio, horseback riding down at West Neck Creek Equestrian Center, or (as much as I hate to admit it) sitting on my couch indulging in episodes of Big Brother. I know summer technically lasts until the end of September, but work is about to get crazy, the rum bottles are all empty, and there are bathing suits and beach towels hanging from every doorknob in my house. I’m about to spend one more day pretending I’m on a never-ending vacation (because let’s face it — I kind of am), but then I have to do some laundry. (Maybe.) =)

Renew my passport – New passport in my possession, February 12.
Leave the country (temporarily, of course)
Spend a girls’ weekend in Nashville, TN – Spent the weekend in Nashville for Tina’s 30th birthday, January 18-20.
Visit Stephen in Pensacola (again), and take a little trip within a trip to New Orleans
Go shopping in Chicago
Visit Nicole in Texas
Visit Grace in New Hampshire
Visit Joelle in California
Gamble in the new Margaritaville Casino in Atlantic City – Gambled in the new Margaritaville Casino in AC, May 26.
Play poker in Las Vegas
Spend a day in NYC – Spent two days, and two nights in NYC, February 6-8. Spent the day in NYC, May 29. Spent the day in NYC again, July 24.
Take pictures of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse
Soak up some sunshine on a tropical beach
Spend time in one other northeast or southeast city (Charleston, Newport, Savannah, Miami, etc.)

Finish merging my two blogs together into one
Decide on a name once and for all (suggestions welcome) – The Coastal Chicster it is, January 28.
Work with some my favorite local shops and businesses to feature them on my blog
Find ways to connect with other bloggers – In July, I linked up with a local vintage style blogger named Arielle to take some photos for her blog. I had the pleasure of doing two photo shoots with her in July.
Engage with readers more to grow traffic
Develop a media kit
Attend a blogging conference – Attended IFB Conference, February 6-7.
Upgrade to WordPress Pro – Did one better than that. This blog is now self-hosted! January 29.

For My Well-Being
Get contacts (or at least prescription sunglasses)
Have a better relationship with my cats
Eat less pizza – Definitely ate less pizza in January, as I’ve been experimenting with a gluten-free diet.
Work with a lifestyle coachCompleted a four-week “Sparkling Start” group workshop with Cara Alwill Leyba, January 30.
Consult with a nutritionist
Join Weight Watchers again, take it seriously, and get back down to my goal weight
Find new ways to exercise – Downloaded the RunKeeper app on my phone (not really a new way to exercise, but a new way to track and keep me motivated), June 29.
Find a charitable organization to dedicate some volunteer hours to each week and/or month – Joined the Employee Action Committee at work in March, and volunteered at the Spartyka Wounded Warrior 5K, March 30. Volunteered at Dive For A Cure, April 27.

Business Endeavors & Money
Sell fine art photography prints through the Lisa DeNoia Photography website – Uploaded three photos for sale on my website, June 20.
Design a line of stationery using my photos and/or graphic design skills
Write a few posts for my company’s blog at work – Wrote a post in January, but I don’t think they posted it yet.
Get a raise – Accepted a new position at work, January 31.
Open a Roth IRA
Up my monthly money market transfer to $275 in January and $300 in July – Upped transfer to $275, January 1. Upped transfer to $300, July 1.

The Usual
Go ice skating (extra points for Rockefeller Center)
Go horseback riding – Went horseback riding, July 14. From now until the end of the year, I’ll be partial leasing a horse named Ellie and riding two days a week! =)
Go surfing
Go snowboarding
Run in a race
Read at least 10 good books – Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh, CEO,, Inc., The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls by Anton DiScalfani, A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams, Overseas by Beatriz Williams, Red Right Return by John H. Cunningham, Green to Go by John H. Cunningham, I’m Gonna Live My Life Like A Jimmy Buffett Song by Anthony Bjorklund, Jack and Di Rum Song by Anthony Bjorklund, Let Di Song of Change Blow Over My Head by Anthony Bjourklund, I Just Had To Go Back To Di Island by Anthony Bjorklund
See a few concerts РSaw the Virginia International Tattoo at Chrysler Hall, April 25. Jimmy Buffett @ Farm Bureau Live, July 13. The Wailers @ 31st street, August 6. John Mayer @ Farm Bureau Live, August 26. Rooster Foot  on the beach, August 27. Fuel and Daughtry on the beach @ 5th Street Stage, August 30. Smashmouth and Barenaked Ladies (from afar on the beach), August 31. Third Eye Blind on the beach @ 5th Street Stage, September 1.
See a few plays – Saw American Idiot at Chrysler Hall, January 26. Saw the Met Opera’s production Rigoletto live in HD at the movie theater, February 16. Saw Jersey Boys at Chrysler Hall, March 8. Saw Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at The Sandler Center, April 26.
Do yoga
Draw a picture – Sketched some tote bags for a little project I’m working on with my friend Sarah, June 3-6.
Write a poem

New Things to Do
Submit something I write to a publication or magazine
Host a champagne brunch for friends
Attend Fashion Week in NYC – I was in NYC when Fashion Week started, but thanks to a winter storm, didn’t make it anywhere close, February 8.
Go sailing
Cook more
Take a photography class
Visit a museum
Learn to sew
Enter one of my photographs into a competition
Take a dance class

Wish List
Own a pair of diamond earrings
Invest in new luggage
Acquire this camera lens
Get a bike rack for my car
Buy a timeshare or property in the Caribbean

And, as always, make a new resolution each month:
January: Recoup the savings account (did a little damage with Christmas and the NYE party…) – Kind of? Not really. Still working on that.
February: Pick out a web-based project management tool for my new job – I think I’ve settled on SmartSheet.
March: Go running! (as soon as DST starts…) – I went running the day that DST started…and that’s about it.
April: Finish cleaning out my closet and selling a whole bunch of crap on eBay – I’ve cleaned out most of the stuff I should get rid of, but I haven’t sold it all yet.
May: Finish editing Nashville photos and post (Tina made a special request for this to be done ASAP) – Edited and posted, May 2.
June: Come up with an idea for business #2 – Came up with a few ideas this month, but nothing major.
July: No shopping for clothes or shoes until my NJ trip – Accomplished. Although, I did do a bang-up job spending money up there this year. #oops
August: Weekend trip – I didn’t take¬† weekend trip, but Kerri and her friends were in town for her bachelorette party all of Labor Day Weekend, and it felt like a weekend trip, for sure. =)
September: Get my laptop functioning properly again