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The Type of Blog Post I Used to Write in 2004 (Alternate Title: Sharks Ruined My After-Work Beach Plans)

Heather: How’s it going?

Lisa: It’s soooo hot. Do you want to go swimming in the ocean and then get some ice cream for dinner?

Heather: You want to go swimming with all the sharks?

Lisa: Oh. Sharks? I guess I’ll just get ice cream then. What sharks?

Heather: Haven’t you read about the sharks all over the place? There were like two at 78th street.

Lisa: I mean, I read about that shark eating people down in North Carolina, but… I guess I’ve been really busy.

Heather: Have you been watching The Bachelorette?

Lisa: Those guys should all leave. Sharks? Really? What are you doing right now?

Heather: Yeah. We really need to find someone who has a pool. Going to Applebee’s.

Lisa: Applebee’s is disgusting. I gotta go. I need to order my ice cream.

P.S. Speaking of sharks, this guy seems like a cool person.

P.P.S. Eleven animals more likely to kill you than sharks.

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