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las vegas

Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day

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I am such a slacker. I have been laying around doing nothing all morning, recovering from spending St. Patrick’s Day at Waterside. Well, I did go for a run — if you could even call it that. I think it was more of a long walk with sporadic spurts of jogging, perhaps even trotting. Oh well.

It’s totally gorgeous outside. I got up and ate breakfast at the new bistro table on our deck. I’m trying to motivate myself to clean up the apartment — it’s going okay. So far I’ve rearranged some magazines on the table and lit two candles.

I’m going to Vegas again — how crazy is that? I’m leaving on April 6th and staying until the 11th, so I’ll be spending my birthday there for the second year in a row! I can’t wait to see my cousins again, and I’ll probably even be able to have Holly cut my hair again. Not to mention Robbie Roommate will be there again (he has to go for a few weeks for work), so we can totally party like rock stars again. I’m really excited. Hopefully it will be sunny and warm this time with no flash floods! I’ll be able to sit out under the palm tree by my aunt’s pool and drink passionfruit iced tea and it will be just like last year. Mmmm. I definitely can’t wait to go.

St. Patrick’s Day was a good time. Robbie and I met for lunch at Kelly’s on Granby Street in Norfolk and had some beers before returning to work for the afternoon, so that was exciting. I think people should make a regular habit of drinking beers on lunch breaks. Later, we went to Waterside. They were having one of their crazy bar crawls — 10 bars for 10 bucks. Well, my friend Tara works at Crocodile Rocks, so I got 10 bars for no bucks. Which is good because we only hit two of the 10 bars anyway – Crocodile Rocks and Have A Nice Day Cafe. (Although, we did show our IDs at Dixie’s Tavern before looking in the door and opting not to go in, and I think we may have spent like all of five minutes in Bar Norfolk — maybe. I can’t remember.) I spent my 10 bucks on buying a commemorative Waterside St. Patty’s Day Bar Crawl t-shirt for Robbie instead. It’s green. I carried it around in my purse all night. I’m straying from the point of this story.

Anyway, we wore green, we drank beer, we danced, we listened to duelling pianos, we took some pictures, we came home and ate chocolate pop-tarts at 2:30 in the morning — the usual. It was fun.

I think this is the most substantial LJ update I have written in ages. I am totally proud of myself. I’m going to go take a nap.

Oh yeah! We did go to Bar Norfolk for a few minutes. I remember it smelled like bleach. I’m sure that’s just what I needed at that point in my drunken state — to be inhaling bleach fumes in Bar Norfolk. Wow.

Vegas, Work, Sideways and February

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I have developed some sort of severe motivation problem. I can no longer express myself in writing unless I make a list. Here it goes:

1. Vegas – Vegas was a blast. It rained the whole time I was there – flash flooding, etc. – but I partied like a rock star at Rain with my family and Robbie Roommate (and Patrick the casino host), I shopped like a rock star at the Fashion Show Mall and Caesar’s, and I sort of gambled like a rock star, but only in the sense that I won more money than I lost. My cousins are awesome (and loud) and I miss them already. I can’t wait to go back.

2. Work – Work is boring the shit out of me. It is very hard for me to believe that there isn’t something more important, more meaningful and way more fun out there for me to do. Organizing and proofreading crap for engineers that can’t seem to stay on top of things is getting old. Computers aren’t as exciting when you sit in front of one all day, and sitting down all day doesn’t really appeal to me either. Don’t even say it. I’ve already begun sending my resumes back into the black hole.

3. Sideways – What an excellent film! It was honest and real; the cinematography was extraordinary; it was relaxing to watch; and I even learned something. Parts of the film bordered on documentary and some of the sequences may have even payed homage to the movie Easy Rider (1969), but I’m not sure. I’d say definitely go see it, but make sure you have your favorite bottle of wine waiting for you at home because you’ll definitely want to drink some when it’s all over.

4. February – I’m glad it’s over.

Viva Las Vegas

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So, I guess I finally have to write my Vegas entry. I’m sure you’re all wondering how I spent five days with those crazy cousins of mine (and Fabio) and never managed to write an LJ entry. I’ll tell you. I left my computer at home!

Eh, I think I’d rather be drinking. I’ll write it some other time.


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One year ago today I was enjoying my first day in Vegas with my little cousins, plopping quarters into a slot machine and eating pizza at the Venetian. Vegas. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas. I’ll be there in 10 days. I am so excited!

Robbie and I are leaving on the 17th and staying until the 22nd. My mom will be there, and my aunts, and all my favorite little cousins, and did I mention that I am so excited? I have a hair appointment with Holly at Toxicity on Friday morning and then Friday night, all of us VIPs are taking a ride to Rain at the Palms in a limo!

I know what you’re thinking: “The crazy girl is going to Vegas which means she might actually update her LJ with some entertaining information!”

I bet you know what I’m thinking, too: “What in the world am I going to wear?”

Leaving Las Vegas

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I spent my last morning in Vegas playing with Fabio.  I let him scamper around on my computer a bit – I think he wanted to type his own journal entry, but it looked kind of like this:


Fabio is awesome.  He will be missed by the LJ readers, I’m sure.

I spent my last afternoon in Vegas taking my brother to the In’N’Out for a cheeseburger and to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay.  It was a good time.

I spent my last night in Vegas jumping around in a room full of huge trampolines with my little cousins, the next door neighbors, and my brother.  I can’t even explain how much fun we had.  It was awesome.


After dinner at Jersey Mike’s, we drove home – music blasting, the girls screaming, “Tumbleweeds RULE!” out the windows to the passing cars.  We scared the security gate guys one more time with MxPx blaring and everyone singing to me.  “Today’s the day you’re LEAVING and tomorrow you’ll be GONE.  You’re in my heart and on my mind, I will bring you ALONG.  EVERYTHING SUCKS WHEN YOU’RE GONE!”  It was a car ride I will never forget.