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11 Reasons You Should Donate $$ To Gilbert’s Retirement Fund

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Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 9.17.14 AM

My friend Courtney Valentine has a mass named Gilbert in her head. He’s wreaking havoc on her well-being, and they need to part ways, but it sounds like her insurance company is being a loser. As a result, her friends and family have organized a place where we can help crowdsource Gilbert’s prompt exit from her brain. Perhaps you could spare a few bucks to help her get to CA and have surgery to have Gilbert removed? I know she’d appreciate it, and so would I. If not, perhaps you could share this with some more people instead. If people could raise more than $20K for Colonel Meow the cat, I think we can do at least that much for Courtney.

Read more about Gilbert’s Retirement Fund here.

In case you aren’t convinced yet, here are 11 more reasons to help Courtney out.

1. You’re cool.

2. She’s cool.

3. Brain tumors are annoying.

4. Insurance companies are annoying.

5. You’re probably going to waste at least $5-$10 on candy canes over the next month that no one is going to eat. Give that to Courtney instead.

6. You can skip one Starbucks grande holiday drink, give Courtney $5, and still be saving money (depending on the tax situation in your state).

7. Courtney is the type of person that rescues baby animals and nurses them back to health under her desk at work. She can’t do that if she’s home suffering from migraines all the time. If you care about baby animals at all, you should give Courtney a few dollars, for sure.

8. I’m sharing the link to this gem with you, which is worth I’d say…at least $10 since it’s going to make you laugh so hard.

9. Have you ever had a migraine? How much would you have paid to get rid of it the day you had it? Okay. Good. Pretend you have one now, and give that much to Gilbert’s Retirement Fund.

10. Courtney is a fun person, and I’m sure all of her friends and family miss getting to spend lots of quality time with her since she doesn’t feel well most of the time.

11. Because it’s just a nice thing to do and it’s a holiday.

Okay, go.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! =)

Happy Halloween

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I didn’t dress up for Halloween this year, but I did facilitate a costume contest at work by setting up an intranet page where people could vote online, which is more up my alley these days than dressing up anyway. (Halloween was more exciting in my 20s.) My lack of celebration today consisted of not wearing black and orange, not switching on the battery-operated fake candles in my pirate-themed craft pumpkins I carved in 2009, not handing out any candy since no one goes trick-or-treating at any of the places I have ever lived since moving to Virginia Beach, and increasing my pumpkin production to 51.6 per second in Cookie Clickers

I also managed to squeeze in getting my first ever flu shot (you know I hate shots), and I found out my parents are ditching me for Christmas to go to my brother’s ship’s homecoming in Florida. Then I went horseback riding in my work clothes because I was too lazy to change.

I stopped by Target on my way home to pick up some feline supplies because J is taking care of the kitties while I go to a wedding in Pennsylvania this weekend. Do you know how many people go to Target on Halloween? About six. Do you know what goes on at Target on Halloween? They put out holiday items. That seems premature to me, but whatever. I guess that’s why I don’t run a Target for a living.

Christmas Wrapping” is already stuck in my head, so bring on the rest of the holidays. I’m ready.

P.S. I should be packing for my trip to PA, but since I’m determined to celebrate Halloween in some way, I am watching Vampire Diaries on my DVR. I probably shouldn’t admit that on the internet. Oops.

Pineapple Passion

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Tomorrow is National Rum Day, which was brought to my attention by my lovely friends at Cruzan when they offered to send me a sample of their new Passion Fruit Rum to celebrate the occasion. While I’m all about random spirit-inspired holidays, you know I don’t need a reason to swirl up a tropical beverage any day of the week. I’ve been especially partial to rum ever since last month’s pina colada-making vacation days at my parents’ pool, where I read Jack and Di Rum Song (and all three of Anthony Bjorklund’s other Jimmy Buffett-inspired tales). Also, since my adoption of a gluten-free diet has limited my beer drinking to a few here and there hardly any ever, I decided to finally splurge on this Margaritaville Frozen Concotion Maker I’ve been wanting for eight years. (I figured I’d register for it when I got married, but who wants to wait around for that?) =)

This particular recipe was inspired by the official Cruzan Pineapple Passion — I just tweaked it to make do with the ingredients I had on hand. (Slackers don’t serve drinks in hollowed-out pineapples, sorry.) Pineapple and passion fruit are two of all-time favorite fruity flavors (remember?), and blended with fresh lime juice and simple syrup, this frozen concoction is sweet, tart, refreshing perfection. =)

P.S. This is my first attempt at video editing. I hope you enjoy it!

MDW 2013

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belmar marina

Greetings from the Jersey Shore! I’m up here on a sort of half-vacation this week, spending time with my brother before he moves to Jacksonville and leaves for his first six-month deployment on the USS The Sullivans.

This is the first Memorial Day weekend I’ve spent in NJ since 2006. It’s actually been seven years to the day that I took this somewhat infamous photo of my favorite little boats in the Belmar Marina (above). I can’t remember exactly what we were doing or where we were going, but I ordered my dad to swerve off Rte. 35 into the marina parking lot, so I could snap some pictures of the sunset. It was a gorgeous night. I ran around taking as many photos as I possibly could and lucked out with this one. It’s been a favorite of mine ever since. It later served as a Christmas present for my dad, and it now hangs framed in my parents’ entryway with a little note on the mat:

Thanks for stopping.
Love, Lisa

I got on the road as the sun was coming up yesterday morning. Mine was the only car in sight all the way across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, and I made such good time that I was able to catch the 9:15 ferry leaving Lewes, DE, rather than the 10:15 I’d been planning to take. I spent late morning sipping a Bloody Mary, catching up with some of my Virginia Beach friends in Sea Isle City. We had lunch of sauteed vegetables and braciole on the deck, followed by a stroll through some of Sea Isle’s poshest little boutiques and possibly the best French vanilla milkshake I’ve ever had.

I departed Sea Isle and made my way north to Atlantic City, where I spent an hour browsing the outlets and the Pier Shops at Caesar’s before I met my parents for dinner at the brand new Margaritaville entertainment complex at Resorts. Little did I know that the player’s card I signed up for three years ago would save me $5 on parking, which I promptly spent on Parrothead sunscreen in the gift shop. Not to worry, though. I kept my AC winning streak alive by scoring $55 from a Triple Diamond slot machine.

My plans for the rest of the week include some time at the spa, working from my parents’ patio, a day in NYC, catching up with friends and family, reading about seven magazines I haven’t had time to look at, and a graduation/bon voyage party for my brother Saturday night. Oh, and some shopping. (I may have already done a little of that.)

Anyway, I’m glad to be here. The weather’s not quite as summery as I remember last year’s was, but today was a perfect day to cook out, and it’s supposed to warm up this week. I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend and took some time to remember those who have lost their lives serving our country.