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half marathon training 2017

New Season, New Rules

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Confession: I’ve been moping around for the last few weeks feeling terrible about myself for not being able to run the Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon the other day. After my clumsy fall in early May, it took me¬†months to be able to run again. I took more time off from running than I have in probably the last 13 years, and I’m just now starting to work back up to four runs per week — enough to pick up where I left off on the training plan I made before I got hurt.

When I say “moping”, I mean teetering on the edge of slipping into a spiral of depression. For the last few weeks, I’ve hardly wanted to do anything except work, go for an occasional jog, and lay in my bed. I didn’t really know what was wrong with me — only that I was sad and feeling like a complete failure at life. I thought maybe I was just extra upset that summer was ending or burned out from working so much lately.

When I woke up yesterday morning with the Epic Half Marathon Fail of 2017 behind me, I felt like a completely different person. While I was doing some yoga, it occurred to me that I felt sort of…motivated again. I counted the weeks in my head to the Wicked 10K and decided to put together another training plan. Last night, I put that plan into a calendar in my Evernote. I got up early this morning to run for 30 minutes before work. Barring any weird issues with my knee (it’s still bothering me here and there), I’ll run again on Thursday and be back on track.

Additionally, I need to get my life together after acting like a depressed person for the last few weeks. So I’m setting some rules for September.

Rule #1: No running if my knee hurts. Even though I want to run another half marathon, I don’t want to injure myself in the process. I’m going to set shorter-term goals this time, and not get frustrated if I have to veer off my plan to recover.

Rule #2: No posting the plan on the Internet. That way I’ll feel less like I’m failing if I have to adjust it as I go. ūüôā

Rule #3: No shopping. I already added a few new items to my wardrobe for fall, and I don’t need anymore. If I actually go running, I’ll probably lose a few pounds, and if I lose a few pounds, there is a whole section of clothes in my closet that will fit me again.

Rule #5: If I have to skip a run, substitute biking or swimming instead. Even if that means buying one of these weird looking swim caps, so my hair doesn’t turn green.

Happy Monday Tuesday. ūüėČ I hope all your kids had an awesome first day of school!

Why I’m Taking an Extended Break From 1/2 Marathon Training

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I know, I know. I was doing so well. And then I stopped, and I never even told anyone why.

I went for run #6 (which I never blogged about because it was an utter pathetic excuse for a run) and realized I couldn’t straighten my knee all the way. I was having trouble even walking, let alone running. So I limped home, put some ice on my knee, and decided to take a break. A week later, no progress. So I went to Atlantic Orthopedic Specialists (who have evening hours from 4pm-9pm on weeknights – brilliant!), and after a few x-rays and telling my then-three-week-old tale about falling during run #4,¬†I was diagnosed with a “really bad bone bruise” and ¬†inflammation irritating all of the cartilage behind knee.

“You can run again when it stops hurting,” the doctor said. “And if it hurts again after you run, don’t run again until after it stops hurting again.”

“How long do you think it will take to stop hurting?” I asked.

“Could be one to six weeks from now,” he said.

Oops. ūüôĀ

So, it’s been about three weeks since my doctor visit. A little over five weeks since I fell. My knee feels much better, but definitely not normal yet.

Hopefully I can get back out there soon.

In the meantime, I won an award. So that’s pretty awesome and makes me feel a little better. ūüôā

My sponsor, Fathom Coffee, is now sponsoring my recovery. I am only using frozen coffee cubes to ice my knee. (I am kidding. That would be a complete waste of coffee. I’m just drinking cold brew¬†while I ice my knee.)

R&R 1/2 Marathon 2017 Training Run #5

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2.18 miles

13.44 min/mi

 Take it easy.


I made up what was supposed to be yesterday’s run this morning. Gave my bruised, banged-up knees an extra day to recover from Sunday’s tripping incident. Then I took it slow and walked a little here and there. I think I’m past the Band-Aid stage, so hopefully tomorrow will be a little better.

Want to cheer me on while I train for this half marathon? Help me grow one of my businesses by trying some Fathom Coffee! We posted some new coffees this week, complete with scenic photos taken on the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier. Use code RUNLISA for 13.1% off your first order.

R&R 1/2 Marathon 2017 Training Run #4

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3 miles

12:25 min/mi

 Pick your fucking feet up, genius.

¬†Half A Million¬†–¬†The Shins

Just short of a mile into this run, I tripped on some uneven pavement, fell, scraped both knees and my hand, shattered my iPhone screen,¬†and ripped a hole in my Lilly Pulitzer leggings. So that was…graceful. Then I got up and ran the rest of my three miles, bleeding and listening to the new Shins album.

Luckily, I have like three other pairs of Lilly Pulitzer leggings, and John had a lot of Band-Aids ready for me when I got to his house for breakfast. And Fathom Coffee, which, as you know, is now a sponsor of this clumsy runner-in-training.

If you feel bad for me for falling like an idiot, feel free to buy some coffee and use code RUNLISA for 13.1% off your first order.

I would also like to point out that my total time and average pace do include the time I spent actively plummeting to the ground and a few moments sitting in the road, stunned, a little embarrassed, assessing the damage, and determining to keep going. So still better than yesterday! (Except for the bruises.)

R&R 1/2 Marathon 2017 Training Run #3

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3 miles

12:37 min/mi

¬†These sneakers are cute, but I’m not sure I actually enjoy running in them.

¬†LEAVE ME ALONE ¬†–¬†KAYTRANADA (feat. Shay Lia)

Today I “slept in” until 7:22 am. Maybe I can become a morning person after all. (Yeah, right.) Due to the fact that I’d rather still be sleeping, the first 10 minutes of these early runs have been the hardest. But once I get going, I find I’m glad to be outside and happy to get them out of the way first thing in the morning.

I’ve decided my half marathon training is now sponsored by Fathom Coffee. Because being sponsored by a coffee company sounds awesome, and¬†as part-owner of a coffee company, I can make that happen for myself. ūüôā

If you’re following along, and you love coffee, use code RUNLISA for 13.1% off your first order.