2015 Resolutions

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Okay, it’s been long enough. It’s January 18, and I’m going to post my 2015 resolutions. I have two excuses why I’m running 18 days behind schedule, and surprisingly neither one of them is “I’ve been so busy at work.” Reason #1 is that this is starting to feel a little unoriginal because I’ve been doing it for so long. I post a lot of the same things over and over each year, and I imagine that gets boring for people to read. But then I remembered that I make this list for me, not for anyone else. And this list keeps me on track to get lots of things done every year that I want to get done. So that’s that.

Reason #2 is that Mele the kitty wasn’t feeling well for the first two weeks of January. I kind of knew that she wasn’t going to be around much longer, so my lap was reserved for her until Monday when she wasn’t here anymore…not a laptop. And then I just needed a few days to get used to her not being on the couch with me to really even sit on the couch with my laptop to post these.

But life goes on, and I’m okay, and the year is still new, and there aren’t really any rules about when you have write down your to-do list for the year. I’ve been working on this list since January 1 in Evernote, and now it’s time for them to get settled in where they belong.

So, for the twelfth time, here it goes. In the year 2015, I will attempt to achieve the following goals:

Work & Professional Development
PMP Certification
ITIL Certification Developer Certification
Security+ Certification
Have everyone on my team get a Salesforce certification
Attend Dreamforce
Find a better system to manage projects
Have someone in my company create a real quote for actual products in our Salesforce org and send it to a customer (as in, launch “Phase 2” of our Salesforce project)
Present something at a conference
Start a Salesforce user group (either locally or one for my company’s suppliers)
Apply to grad school

Improve Social Life
Host a dinner party
Host a brunch
Host a poker night
Host a wine tasting
Host at least three visitors in my guest room
Host a crab party
Make some actual NYE plans
Go to more events and less bars
Watch less TV
Invite people out that I don’t normally spend time with
Make more friends who are girls
Play poker in real life with human beings (as opposed to on my phone with other people’s avatars)

For My Well-Being
Complete this 30-day yoga challenge
Mentor a child through The Up Center
Volunteer for something
Feel confident about my appearance in a swimsuit by February 10
Have a vegetarian week
Run in a race
Try a juice diet
Post a series of gluten-free recipes
Get contacts or prescription sunglasses
Figure out why my eyes are so red and puffy and sensitive all the time/fix it
Ride my bike at sunrise as many times as possible when it’s warm enough
Cut my hair or stop using it as an excuse not to exercise (as in, “It takes so long to blow dry…”)
Write a really nice post about Mele when I’m ready

Visit Aunt Kim & Uncle Franky in Pennsylvania
Spend a whole week in New Jersey
Visit Nicole in Texas
Visit my brother in Jacksonville and take a road trip down the coast of Florida to Key West
Taste wine at some vineyards
See Mayan ruins
Put feet in Mediterranean Sea
Take photos of a lighthouse
Shop at the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale
Go back to Hawaii
Go back to Las Vegas
Go on at least three cool weekend trips

New Things to Do
Take pictures of pelicans with my telephoto lens
Learn how to use new sewing machine
Sew myself a dress
Learn to play the ukulele (at least one song)
Shoot a gun
Roast my own coffee
Create a book of my Instagram photos and send it to my grandparents
Find a creative way to keep area around coffee grinder clean
Paint something cool with watercolors
Make some kind of homemade liqueur (maybe this one?)
Take a dance class

Stuff I’ve Been Putting Off
Go through pictures from Hawaii/write a post about trip
Back up all data and sell old computer
Get vintage Lilly Pulitzer dress hemmed/altered in time for Tulum trip
Finish barstools
Post a “how to” about editing photos on an iPhone
Find a way to display some of my Instagram photos in my house
Frame all of my new Cassidy prints and the pelican print I bought last year
Start a new business
Post in this blog more

The Usual
Go horseback riding
Go ice skating
Go surfing
Attend a few good concerts
See a few good plays
Read at least 10 good books
Make a new resolution every month:
January: Stop fiddling with my resolutions in Evernote, and put them on my blog where they belong

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