Woody’s Wednesdays

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This is why I love my job.


Way back in the day, there were Wine Wednesdays. Woody’s Wednesdays are even cooler.

Life is sweet.

This crazy trip has got me feelin’: awesome
And I’m singin’ along to:
Yeah – Usher

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  1. So, I’m doing the whole brisk boardwalk every morning, and the whole weight watchers thing, because frankly, I’ve put on a TON of weight in the past 2 years going to college. My new goal…. look as good as Lisa does in this picture 😉
    Sorry I didn’t call last time I was home, I ended up waitressing Thurs-Monday, and back to MD on Tuesday. I’ll be home every weekend though, so eventually our schedules will match 🙂

    1. wow. that’s one of the nicest compliments i’ve gotten! thank you so much. weight watchers is awesome. i still go — every tuesday at 10 am. the last 10 pounds have definitely been slow — working in two restaurants with a bunch of party people drinking beer every night hasn’t helped much — but it’s a great program and it definitely works.
      definitely, definitely call me next time you’re home. i’ve been meeting tons of new people around here and getting to go to some crazy bars and parties — i’m actually having fun! lol, in Jersey! i thought i hated it here! haha.

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