Well, it’s taken me seven years, four moves, and evasive legal action, but I finally live close enough to walk to the beach. I haven’t actually walked there yet, but I can, and that’s what really matters, right?

But before that. What happened before that? There were a few things, but nothing that I found quite humorous enough to post here, I can tell you that.

Maybe someday I’ll overcome my inner controversy and tell the story here, but for now, all I can say is this — I’m giving the condo back to the mortgage company. Not to be flippant about it or anything, but seriously? I tried a hundred times to rectify the situation and things there had deteriorated to the point where it was no longer worth staying. With a co-borrower who bailed and a mortgage that was twice as expensive as I could have paid to rent the (nicer) condo next door, it was time to go. Judge me if you want to, but my roommate and I are now living in a lovely place, almost twice the size, for much less money with functioning heat and air conditioning, a washer that actually cleans clothes, a dishwasher that actually cleans dishes, no mortgage, no drug dealer neighbors, and NO CONDO ASSOCIATION.

And what did I lose? Not much. My 802 credit score, probably. And maybe the respect of a handful of people who have no clue what they’re talking about. But other than that…I can’t think of anything else except for maybe the lovely Asparagus color of my old bedroom walls.

Anyway, the only reason I’m posting this is because every time I try to write in this blog, my first instinct is to close one chapter before I begin another. So, the war with the mortgage company chapter ends like this:

Just like I said, they’ll end up with 1,010 square feet of carpet that needs to be replaced. And due to the fact that the complex is riddled with bank-owned properties, they’ll be lucky if they can sell it for half what I owe on it. They already made their money back in interest though, so I don’t feel too bad. And me? I’ll live here in this beachy townhouse for a little while, and I’ll love every second of it. =)

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