Vitamin A

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Does anyone even post on LJ anymore? I occasionally contemplate the fact that I should have just migrated the LJ over to Blogger instead of starting a whole new blog over there. Then I wouldn’t have to feel twice as bad when I slack off and don’t post for weeks at a time.

Anyway. I took the day off today to go to the beach because the weatherman says it’s going to be a blazing 85 degrees before a cold front sets in to put a damper on the weekend. I’m thinking about wearing my new Vitamin A bathing suit (as opposed to my old one) that I bought on Rue La La over the winter.. I like to start off the season in my bandeau tops to avoid tan lines, which works out okay since the water is too cold to swim anyway. Bandeau tops + waves = topless beach, so I don’t wear them as much after May is over.

I’m feeling a little skeptical about this latest bandeau top though. Like, I’m not sure if it will even stay on if I hit a large bump while I’m driving to the beach. It’s super cute though. I could double-sided tape it to myself, or I could return it, but I think we all know I’m just going to wear it, risk it falling off, and complain about it all day. Oh well. At least it was on sale.

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