The Intimate Details of My Drive to New Jersey

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Number of hours spent driving barefoot: 2.5
Number of times heard the song “Black Balloon” by the Goo Goo Dolls: 3
Number of huge Slim Jims consumed en route: 1
Number of bathroom stops: 1
Number of fuel/coffee stops: 1
Number of times lost cell phone signal: more than 12
Number of turns into my neighborhood missed: 2
Number of dollars spent on tolls/bridges: 14
Number of screaming fans rushing to the Malibu to greet me, take photos, get autographs and carry in all my shit: 0

All in all, it was a pretty decent trip. I’ll be in Jersey until Sunday. Let’s go to Bar A.

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  1. if you can manage a lunch date w/a weary traveler on sunday, I’ll so rush at you like a screaming fan!! 🙂
    CALL MY CELL PHONE. 908-415-5929 or home 732-528-7402. My plane gets in around 6ish, and I’m doing 11am mass tomorrow. Lunch around noon?

    1. awww, I would love to, but we are doing an early dinner @ around 1:00. i’m leaving to drive back to va beach at 3. i’ll definitely take a rain check on that, though. we have to get together soon! you should take a drive down to virginia beach sometime… i hope you had a good trip back =D

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