Some Things Never Change

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Co-worker: “What are you doing?”

Lisa: “Looking up the points for all of the Kit Kats I just ate, so I can write them down in my Weight Watchers tracker, and find out if I can eat anything other than celery for dinner.”

Co-worker: “Nice.”

Lisa: “Do you think I can count those as a Low-Fat Dairy on this thing? Or maybe a Lean Protein? I need to check off some of these boxes.”

Co-worker: “Um, no.”

Lisa: “How about a Healthy Oil? No? Multivitamin? Vegetable?”

Co-worker pretty much looks at me like I’m not funny anymore.

Lisa: “Water? I still need to check off like six of those. What is that you’re eating?”

Co-worker: “One of those 200-calorie frozen pizzas.”

Lisa: “Oh yeah, those things are only like five points per pizza.”

Co-worker: “They’re pretty good.”

Lisa: “Mmhmm. And I could eat two of them for 10 points, which might actually fill me up. I feel like there should be a check box on here for fun-size fattening snacks, don’t you think? Then at least those Kit Kats would count for something other than half my dinner, you know? Next time someone asks me a dumb question, I’m going to be like, ‘Yeah, you can do that as soon as I can count chocolate as water on my Weight Watchers tracker.’ I think that will be really effective.”

This crazy trip has got me feelin’: silly
And I’m singin’ along to: Road to Ride On – Joshua Radin

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