Quoted in the Wall Street Journal (and The Economist!)

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I’m famous!

Nah, not really.  But, it turns out my impeccably written (and quite humorous) letter to the governor of Pennsylvania caught the attention of Jeff Zaslow, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Zaslow over the weekend when he contacted me to see if I would mind providing some thoughts for a column he was working on about Governor Rendell’s comments last weekend and whether or not America really is a nation of wusses. I didn’t know anything about Jeff before I spoke with him, but I’ve since checked out his website and some of his previous columns, and I’m a fan! He’s an excellent writer.

If you want to check out his latest column (where he just happened to quote Baby, You Can(‘t) Drive My Car), you can see it here.

Update – January 9, 2011

I was also quoted in The Economist! I actually really like this piece, and I think my remarks were interpreted much better here. And, hey — the writer thought I was funny and unpretentious. That’s kind of awesome. Thanks to The Economist for the mention!

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