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Problem #1: I needed to cram in some exercise last night, but my hair looked kind of amazing, and I didn’t want to ruin it by getting all sweaty. A walk seemed kind of lame, and it was a gorgeous night…

Solution #1: So I hopped on beach cruiser #2 and pedaled down to the boardwalk for a ride. And I’m glad I did because I saw a number of things along the way that made me smile, including: a father and daughter roller-blading together on the bike path; kids pointing in awe at a pelican flying around with a huge fish dangling out of its mouth; people admiring the Naval Aviation Monument and pausing with respect in front of the flags at half-mast for September 11; a bunch of dudes dancing around a boombox on the beach; sunlight playing on the whitecaps in between long shadows cast by the hotels; and three girls running in sync, each one clad in different color neon sneakers — orange, yellow and pink.

Problem #2: The new shoes I wore today started uncomfortably rubbing the insides of my heels while I was walking around on my lunch break. When I got back to the office and took them off, I realized I was starting to get blisters! Never in my 31 years on this earth have I gotten blisters from a pair of shoes, and I sure wasn’t going to let it happen today.

Solution #2: When my co-worker asked me if I wanted to walk to Starbucks later this afternoon, I said, “I’d love to, but I’ll never make it there in these shoes.” Then I glanced around my desk and schemed up a way I could at least make it across the parking lot. “Can you drive?” I asked. I used Scotch tape to secure squares of napkins to either side of my feet and slipped them back into my shoes for the rest of the afternoon pain-free. No one would have noticed if I didn’t go around bragging about it. =) I guess I need to figure out how to break these things in if I’m going to keep them.

Problem #3: I’m not sure what to do with my other blog. First I had this blog, then I had that blog. Now I have both blogs, but I’m only posting in this blog. I think I was doing myself a disservice trying to split my content between two, but now I’m torn about what to do with the other one.

Solution #3:
I’ve merged a few of my more recent outfit posts into this blog, and I’ve decided to eventually take the other blog down. I’ll also slowly post a few of my favorite recipes and how-to posts over here. The only thing left to do is pick which name to keep. I like this new banner, but LDA apparently also stands for Lyme Disease Association. On the other hand, everyone mispronounces “chicster.” Any ideas? =)

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  1. So happy to find your blog! I love your writing style. I had to click over to your beach cruiser post. I also have a cruiser, a vintage one, and I’m a little obsessed. Great photos too!

    1. Thanks for reading. =) Glad you’re laughing. I was laughing, too. I’m working on the co-mingling…I’m just trying to settle on the final name. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

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