Post-Vegas Slump

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I’m bored.

I’m happy to say that I left Vegas up $23 in the casinos. I gambled and won $3 on a video poker machine at a bar and I won $20 on a hand of Black Jack. So, yeah — up $23 in the casino and down about $200 in the Diesel store. That’s cool though. I’m sure the jeans were a much wiser investment than the slot machines.

I’m feeling very un-motivated at the moment. And a little indecisive. I have all these things I should be doing — for instance, food shopping — but I keep pacing around my apartment, getting absolutely nothing done. However, I already had a filling dinner of Swiss cheese and a Rice Krispies treat, so I guess I can put food shopping off until tomorrow.

I did some research on opening a Jersey Mike’s Subs, but all that franchise information and net assets and money stuff was making me dizzy, so I decided to take a break. I called my dad and told him to read it for me so that he could explain it to me on Friday. You might think this makes me lazy, but I’m really just getting some good practice at delegating responsibility.

I had a job interview today. It was for a part-time position as an advertising account representative for a local music publication. I got lost and showed up 20 minutes late with the wrong resume. Woops.

Allison and I might go see a movie later.

I think I’m going to go take a nap. Or watch TV. Or wash some towels.

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  1. OK, in the last 30 minutes, or however long it’s been since I tried to post that CNN link, I got a date for this weekend. lol Her name is Christina. She works for Prosoft, and she’s from VIRGINIA BEACH. She was also born in 1986. lol She just got here, and she’s really pretty, and she wants to meet people. I told her that I hope she has a very liberal definition of “people,” since she’s going to be working on military bases on Okinawa. lol I also assured her that I neither know people nor hang out with people on a regular basis. Apparently she feels that I’ll be people enough for lunch on Saturday. 😀 This is amazing. And very cool.

      She’s here on a contract that expires in September. She’s a GS-10E (GS-10 Equivalent!). That’s pretty good for someone who was born in 1986, especially when you consider that it’s presently 2005.
      Also, I realize that my statement (“Well, I hope you have a very liberal definition of ‘people’ . . .”) may sound a little pompous to you now, but I assure you that I never would have said it if:
      (1) she had not appeared so intelligent-looking; and
      (2) she had not already used the word “lateral.”

  2. So umm, my brother’s best friend is the guy that goes and trains people how to open Jersey Mike’s or something like that. Let me know if you need some networking Jersey Mike’s contacts…

    1. Sweet! We seriously want to do it. Open one. Well, I’m serious. I’m pretty sure Robbie is serious, too. I think it would be awesome. I just need to get some business-running advice from my dad and then I think I’m really going to start looking into it. Another one of my crazy schemes, I guess… We’ll see what happens. =)

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