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Whether you like it or not, Facebook has launched its application platform – enabling idiots all over the world to create stupid shit for more idiots all over the world to add to their Facebook profiles.

Personally, I’ve never been a big Facebook user, but I decided to pop in and check out the new feature. Two words – complete mayhem. You know I don’t like stupid people, so you can imagine my feeling of utter glee that there are now discussion boards where people exchange views on intellectually stimulating topics such as these:

From the X Me Application Reviews
1. “in my box it says ‘Hug You’ and i want it to say ‘Hug Me’ how do i do that?!?”

2. It says, “Hug You,” because you are signed in as yourself. To everyone else, it will say, “Hug Her,” just like the poke button says, “Poke Her.”

From the PopSugar 100 Application Discussion Board
1. it would be a lot better if you could organize the list of celebrities you had once you added them all so you can change who you want to be first and whatnot..instead i have to add them in order which is kind of difficult

2. Yeah, I’d prefer it if my celebs were in the same order as they are on my teamsugar page. It’s a little random for me as it’s linked to the celebs I already chose on sugar.

From the Catbook Application Discussion Board
1. Baka got a human friend (Dave). When he got Dave as a friend, Baka also instantly became Catbook friends with Dave’s cat, even though the two cats have never met. Why? Can cats remove friends?

2. on the same vein, why can’t my cat be friends with other cats? I have to be friends with the owners of those cats before my cat can be friends with their cat. I dont’ want all those human friends; just the kitty friends!

3. Is there a way for me to add people to the Family section? Obviously, I am my cats’ family, but so is my husband. We shouldn’t have to both have separate catbook profiles for our cats. And the cats shouldn’t just be his friend.

What the hell is all this crap? The only good I see coming out of this is the iLike application, currently growing at a rate of 200,000 new users per day, finally bringing a soundtrack to the Facebook experience. 

Final thoughts? Count me out. I consider myself pretty Internet-savvy, but this is a little too much freedom for me – my head is spinning.

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  1. The Books app is pretty nice. But generally, I agree with you. Like college students need more ways to procrastinate than Facebook already provides.

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