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Being stressed at the office hardly ever results in increased productivity. Some days call for kicking back and settling in for some serious post-lunch relaxation while you work. An afternoon at your desk is this close to feeling like a tropical oasis.

1. Get the look. An island-inspired button-down, white linen pants, metallic leather sandals and beachy waves. Polished enough for the workplace, but easy-going enough for a vacation. (Men’s version of this outfit here…maybe just dress like Kiel James Patrick.)

2. Radio Margaritaville. If you can’t stream it for free through the website on your work computer, plug your speakers into the headphone jack on your phone, and pull it up in the TuneIn Radio app. Sounds like a tiki bar, doesn’t it?

3. Pineapple juice on the rocks. It’s a tad disappointing you can’t mix it up with some coconut rum, but it’s arguably healthier than an afternoon chocolate bar, and nothing’s stopping you from adding a cocktail umbrella.

4. A breath of fresh air. If the scent of someone’s burnt popcorn in the microwave keeps wafting its way over to your area, that’s nothing a little Glade Plug-Ins can’t fix. Currently sniffing: Hawaiian Breeze.

5. Special effects. Drape your favorite beach towel over your chair, wear your bikini top under your shirt, and dab some sunblock on your wrists. Sure, you might get a few off-kilter stares, but if you can’t go to the beach, you may as well bring the beach to your cube.

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