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No one needs 27 resumes.

jlbabos: i just don’t want to wake up and come to work anymore.
VTJerseyGirl03: do you want to know how many files are in my “Resumes” folder?
VTJerseyGirl03: like 27
VTJerseyGirl03: no one needs 27 resumes
jlbabos: eh, you need a slightly different one for any job you apply for, don’t you?
VTJerseyGirl03: shoot me.
jlbabos: only if you shoot me, too
VTJerseyGirl03: pow.
jlbabos: bang
VTJerseyGirl03: i don’t think that was effective.  i am still here in front of my computer staring at the 27 resumes.
jlbabos: i’m still stamping books
VTJerseyGirl03: *sigh*

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