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I’ve perfected a new hobby. It’s called laying around on the couch in a plaid shirt with my super-soft faux fur blanket, pinning a whole bunch of crap, and half-heartedly telling my cat to get her fat ass off the cable box (she thinks it’s her new bed). I don’t really want her to get off the cable box, though. Because then she’ll come up here on the couch to sink her claws into my furry blanket and turn that into her new bed. And then I would have to find a new hobby…like emptying the dishwasher or something.

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    I love this new hobby of yours ……. and “pinning a bunch of crap” makes me smile really big. (Dear lord, what did we ever do without Pinterest?) Plaid looks good on you, I wish it would stay cool/cold enough for me to enjoy the soft and warm fabrics. Yesterday it was 50, today it is 85. I hate Texas. Continue with your hobby, and for goodness sakes do NOT empty that darn dishwasher. What a waste of time! BAHAHA

    1. The weather’s the same here. Friday night it was down to 35 — today it’s 78. Kind of silly, but at least I got to eat breakfast outside yesterday morning. Although, I did have to empty the dishwasher to get a clean coffee cup… =)

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