Happy Anniversary, Captain Sea Jay!

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Today is my one-year anniversary with my pet fish, Captain Sea Jay Lewis (he’s a pirate). He was one of my birthday presents last year, and has become my favorite companion to talk to at work. Captain Sea Jay is a beautiful betta that lives in a bowl on my desk at work. He’s pretty much the coolest fish on the planet.

The captain spends his days exploring the less-than-vast expanse of decorative rocks and plastic vegetation that make up his watery habitat. He’s also very attentive to life on the other side of his glass-walled rotunda – he loves to play and chase my finger up and down and around and around his 2.5-liter bowl. He curiously comes to the surface to check out objects just out of his reach, and if something catches his interest enough (like food), he’ll jump right out of the water like a breaching shark for a bite!

To celebrate my birthday (and our anniversary), my co-workers decorated my cubicle with shiny purple and green garland and Hawaiian leis. Captain Sea Jay and I feel like we’re at a luau! We’re going to listen to Radio Margaritaville all day long and have the best person/pet fish anniversary ever.

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