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Gluten Full…On Crazy


I think gluten makes me a certifiably crazy person. Because lately, I’ve been eating all kinds of delicious breads and cookies and cakes and pastas and such things. And I’ve also been worried and freaking out and randomly crying and acting like a complete loon and seriously contemplating whether I need a mental health professional in my life. And while it seems like suddenly everything in my life has been falling apart for the last 2.5 weeks…March 12 is coincidentally when I started eating gluten again. I remember it quite clearly because I took a picture of this meal I made an “exception” for. Those up there, my friends, are Swedish pancakes. And they were delicious. And you know what else was delicious? Pizza. Lasagna. Cheez-Its. Veal parmesan. Italian bread. Birthday cake. Chicken strips. Chocolate chip cookies. Macaroni and cheese. Sandwiches. Multiple, multiple sandwiches on real bread. Toast. Pretzels. More chicken strips. Ranch dressing. Real soy sauce. Chinese food. Fortune cookies. I think you get the point.

So tonight I’m going to have one more pizza dinner, and then tomorrow it’s back on the gluten-free wagon. And I’m not looking for sympathy or attention or whatever else people on the Internet assume people who post stupid crap like this on the Internet are looking for. I’m just posting this here because I know if I put it on the Internet, I’ll actually do it. And because last night I said this to myself and DIDN’T post it on the internet, and this morning I ate a fucking donut for breakfast.

So note to self (and no one else, really): Get it together.

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