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I celebrated Cinco de Mayo not by indulging in a limey margarita, but by getting a good laugh while stopped at a red light this afternoon, as I caught a sideways glance of a shirtless Mexican-looking individual wearing sombrero driving a purple Geo Tracker circa 1987 with a stuffed frog wearing a Santa hat on the dash. I say "Mexican-looking" because of the presence of a sombrero, not because I have any confidence in my ability to identify ethnicity out of the corner of my eye in a split second through sunglasses and tinted windows.

Cinco de Mayo always reminds me of my favorite Spanish words, which mainly include habichuela, mantequilla, asesino, and equipaje. (String bean, butter, murderer and luggage.) I guess I won’t be leaving the country any time soon – not with those language skills – but I will be packing my equipaje and heading to Las Vegas for a girls’ trip on Friday, so that’s exciting. Did you know vegas is Spanish for meadows? Well, it is.

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