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Pineapple Passion

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Tomorrow is National Rum Day, which was brought to my attention by my lovely friends at Cruzan when they offered to send me a sample of their new Passion Fruit Rum to celebrate the occasion. While I’m all about random spirit-inspired holidays, you know I don’t need a reason to swirl up a tropical beverage any day of the week. I’ve been especially partial to rum ever since last month’s pina colada-making vacation days at my parents’ pool, where I read Jack and Di Rum Song (and all three of Anthony Bjorklund’s other Jimmy Buffett-inspired tales). Also, since my adoption of a gluten-free diet has limited my beer drinking to a few here and there hardly any ever, I decided to finally splurge on this Margaritaville Frozen Concotion Maker I’ve been wanting for eight years. (I figured I’d register for it when I got married, but who wants to wait around for that?) =)

This particular recipe was inspired by the official Cruzan Pineapple Passion — I just tweaked it to make do with the ingredients I had on hand. (Slackers don’t serve drinks in hollowed-out pineapples, sorry.) Pineapple and passion fruit are two of all-time favorite fruity flavors (remember?), and blended with fresh lime juice and simple syrup, this frozen concoction is sweet, tart, refreshing perfection. =)

P.S. This is my first attempt at video editing. I hope you enjoy it!

Primer 101

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Ten years ago, I created this blog to keep in touch with my friends and family right before I moved to Las Vegas for a few months. Since then, the entire world of blogging has morphed into something entirely different, but every once in awhile my blog reminds me what it was meant for by putting me in touch (or back in touch!) with someone I probably wouldn’t have talked to otherwise. A perfect example? A few weeks ago one of my sorority sisters reached out to me on Facebook, and we had a lovely phone conversation. I found out she’s an Arbonne consultant, and she found out I wasn’t using a makeup primer. The next thing I knew, a neatly addressed envelope containing some Arbonne samples showed up in my mailbox. Sweet!

I tried the Arbonne makeup primer this past weekend. I layered it between my Eminence Lavender Age Corrective Night Concentrate (which I’ve been wearing 24/7) and Dr. Jart+ BB cream. I’ve got to tell you — I’ve been using this BB cream for about two months, and as much as I loved it before, it looked even better on top of this primer. Who knew? I figured makeup primer was just some extra layer of gunk that was going to make my face look weird. Turns out I was wrong. This stuff went on as smooth as silk. I couldn’t even tell I was wearing anything additional — just that my makeup looked flawless when I put it on, and still looked pretty flawless when I got home at the end of the day. I used up my little sample in only two days, and I’m missing it already.

There are two reasons I’ve steered clear of primers in the past. First, I thought primers were for walls, and I’m not a huge fan of painting, so I stay away from anything that reminds me of that particular activity. Second, this stuff. Now I hate to do this because I love most of Benefit’s cosmetics, and most of the reason I hate this one is my own fault. I can’t really remember why I didn’t like it at first — I think it was a little sticky and a little shimmery — it just didn’t do much for me, so I let it sit on a shelf for way too long. And then I tried it again. And it was too old. And it was horrible. It made my face all splotchy. Fail. And it made me break out. Fail, fail, fail. =) Oops.

Anyway, after I finished up my Arbonne sample, I didn’t want to go primerless, so I started digging around to see if I had any more primer samples in my possession. Bingo. I found this bareMinerals foundation primer in the bottom of my makeup bag, so I tested it out today. It was decent, but I found it to be a little greasier than the Arbonne primer. Very lightweight, but not quite as effective. Given the choice, I’d choose the Arbonne primer over this one any day.

My instinct was to call up Laura and immediately order the Arbonne makeup primer this morning, but I’m kind of a crazy when it comes to shopping, so I knew I had to do just a little more research before I bought it. After a little Googling, I found that named Arbonne as their #1 makeup primer in 2011, and I also found that the Arbonne primer had lots of positive reviews on online. The verdict? Sold. I’ll be adding this one to my stash very soon.

I’d love to know…do you use any Arbonne products? I have a hand lotion of theirs that I love and a shampoo from Laura I still need to try, but I haven’t tried many others. Also, this post was in no way sponsored by Arbonne or Laura, but Laura’s an old college friend of mine, and if you’re interested in hosting an Arbonne party or purchasing any products, I would love it if you would support her! Leave me a comment, and I’ll get you her contact info. =)

One Piece, Three Ways: Indigenous Premier Cardigan

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I recently had the opportunity to work with Indigenous to style and review a piece for their #worthwearing campaign. I selected this Premier Cardigan from their collection of organic clothing and styled it three ways. I love, love, love how soft and cozy this sweater is. It’s knit from Tencel and organic cotton with intricate detailing down the front, the sleeves and the back.

Fair trade fashion is obviously a little more expensive than it’s alternative. Prior to doing any research on the subject, I probably would have balked at the price this cardigan; however, thanks to Indigenous and Wikipedia, I have a much better understanding of the benefits of organic fibers, low impact dyes, and supporting local artisans. That being said, I if spend more money on a piece, I want it to be versatile, so I can wear it multiple ways. My first outfit was inspired by fall’s mixed media jacket trend, but I like it better because it’s less fussy, and I can wear these pieces separately to create other looks.


This cardigan is a tad long for me (I’m only 5’1″). To be honest, if I had purchased it, I probably would have exchanged it for something that fit me better. But I’m always up for a challenge and I was impressed with Indigenous’ philosophy, so I did my best to style around the length. The outfit below was the first thing that came to mind when I received my cardigan, but it’s my least favorite of the three — mostly just because I’m short, so the sweater-to-Lisa ratio just isn’t optimal. =)


For my last look, I wrapped, pinned and tucked the sweater under this full skirt to create an entirely different silhouette. This was a little tricky to maneuver, but I mainly wanted to show the versatility of a piece, which is something I always consider when I’m adding to my wardrobe.


How would you style this cardigan? I had a few other ideas, but these were my three best, and my favorite is…


…the cardigan/sleeveless trench combo. =)

Thanks to Indigenous for the cardigan, for inviting me to be a part of the #worthwearing campaign, and especially for introducing me to the idea of eco fashion. It’s something I plan to keep in mind when shopping for clothing in the future.


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Skirt c/o Karen Cane, Alfani top & shoes, Apostrophe vest, Style & Co. belt, Modalu bag, sunglasses c/o Costa del Mar 

Ever since I got my hands on this cheetah pencil skirt, I’ve been yearning to wear this outfit. But with temperatures in the high 80s every day, I couldn’t find the right moment to wear this wool skirt until yesterday. Even though it got a little warmer in the afternoon, the morning started out crisp and just cool enough that I could pull off this layered look.

This skirt was generously given to me by my friends at Karen Kane to review, and I’m already looking forward to wearing it a million different ways all season. It’s a made of soft wool/polyester blend and fully lined, so it was actually quite comfortable to wear (unlike some itchy wool pencil skirts I’ve had in the past). It’s a little stretchy, and it’s a pull-on skirt — no zippers or buttons — which makes it look sleek and smooth with shirts tucked in.

Just like with the Karen Kane jeans, I was worried that the skirt might be too long or too tight because pencil skirts are not an item I would normally purchase without trying on. But it fit perfectly, and it’s extremely flattering. I can see myself wearing this with tights, blazers, sweaters, etc. It’s such a versatile piece. I know I’ll have it in my closet for years to come.

So far, I’ve been really impressed with the quality construction and fit of the Karen Kane items I’ve reviewed, and I love that many of their clothes are made in the USA. It’s obviously important in our current economic situation to hire as many American workers as possible, and I can definitely support a company who makes the effort to do that.





Costa Isla Morada Sunglasses (A Review)

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As a blogger, I often get all sorts of e-mails asking me to plug products, books, links, etc., but rarely do I receive requests for things I can relate to. When I started this blog, I hoped that one day I’d be able to collaborate with some of my favorite brands or maybe land some sponsors, but most of the offers I’ve gotten so far haven’t really been my style…until now.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably noticed by now that sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories. I never leave the house without them, and I’ve started to acquire quite the collection.

So, when Costa offered me the opportunity to try out a pair of their new women’s styles for summer, I happily agreed. Finally!


The pair I chose is called Islamorada. (This style isn’t available on the Costa website quite yet, but they will be soon.) I picked black/coral frames and grey polycarbonate lenses. They’re very square, and I love that they’re so different from all of my other sunglasses.


As much as I can appreciate a pretty pair of designer shades, I’ve got to say that these blow all of my designer sunglasses out of the water. With polarized lenses and nylon composite frames, these glasses are the real deal. They’re lightweight, crystal clear, and fit like a glove. They’ve got all the attributes of a sporty pair of sunglasses, but they’re gorgeous and girly, too!


Costa is a brand traditionally well-known by fisherman, sailors and surfers for their high-end polarized sunglasses. They’ve been around since 1983, and have a pretty interesting history if you want to check it out on their website. (Jacques Cousteau wore Costas!)


The Islamorada is one of Costa’s four new women’s styles for summer 2011. The other three include Little Harbor, Tippet and Hammock (available soon). All four are available in a variety of colors and lens shades, and Costa also offers glass lenses, which I bet are amazing. (Check out this similar pair of on the Costa website to see all the color combinations you can choose from).


I’m loving the little nose pads on the inside, too. They keep the glasses from sliding off my face if I lean over (which I do a lot because I’m clumsy, and I drop things) and also make them really comfortable to wear. For the price, I think these Costas offer more bang for your buck than most other brands on the market right now. (And I speak from experience — I try on tons of sunglasses.)


Thank you so much to Costa for giving me these beautiful glasses to review. They’ve quickly moved to the top of my list of favorite pairs, and I’ll definitely be wearing them at the beach (and lots of other places) all summer long!


P.S. I also know that Costa does a lot to protect the environment, water, fisheries, and fish, partnering with organizations like the Coastal Conservation Association and the Bonefish Tarpon Trust. They also created the Blue Highway documentary and blog, aimed at preserving the Lynn Canal in Alaska.

While I was writing this review I dabbled on their website for awhile, and I’m really impressed. It’s always neat to discover a company who gives back. =)