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10 Years, 10 Friends, 10 Days: The Co-Worker

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My favorite co-worker Michelle, who I’ve known since June 17, 2009 — the day I started working at my current company. Since that day, we’ve each changed jobs, moved around the building, and been focused on lots of different projects, but she’s still my lunch buddy and always up for an afternoon walk to Starbucks where we catch up on work and life. From creating ridiculous forms to watching operas in the movie theater, we always find a way to make everything fun(ny). Also, I’m pretty sure she likes my cats more than I do.

There are few people in the world that truly impress me on every level; Lisa is one of those few. When I heard of her idea to allow guest bloggers to talk about their favorite posts through the years, I was pretty excited. Partly because I was crossing my fingers that I would be one of the chosen ones and also because over the years that I have known Lisa, I feel like I’ve participated in some of the posts when I take the photos of her outfits during our longer-than-average lunch breaks. Through the years that I have known Lisa, she’s been my style-sensei, my good-music-guru, my make-up-maven, and my all-around friend. Here are my notes from my favorite posts from the last ten years!

The Road Less Traveled – 7/22/13
It’s the post that sums up what I feel when I read what Lisa writes. It’s damn-near poetic. Her words are hypnotic, you can’t stop reading. She has a way of bringing you to the exact place where she is with her hyper-accurate descriptions and evocations of feeling. It was like being there.

12 Things I Secretly Love About Being Single (Legally) at 31 – 12/12/12
This one was hysterical. Again, her words will wrap you up in their meaning, and it’s the kind of reading that pulls you into her view. I especially love number 6 about having babies!

30 for 30 Flashback – 11/16/12
Who would have thought that someone could take ONLY 30 pieces from your closet and wear them and ONLY them for 30 days AND not repeat any combinations! I never would have thought that it would even be possible, but this is the proof. These kinds of posts that Lisa created always make me think about the possibilities that I have in my own closet. Under her tutelage, I have become a little more open to trying new ideas with clothes and I have officially thrown out my standard black Mary Janes!

Fisheye – 7/3/12
The photographs on this post are absolutely beautiful! She has an eye for finding the right light, the right view, and just the right end product!

The Menagerie – 11/14/11
I’ll end with this. I think over the past few years, I’ve grown to nearly love these two cats. Mele and Kona are the closest thing to “liking someone else’s kids” that I can get. As for Diesel, I’ve only met him a few times.

But he’s pretty cute. She meant to add that Diesel is ridiculously, incredibly, undeniably the cutest puppy ever.

The Litter Box

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plant litter box1

Over the weekend, J and I attended a lovely wine party at the fairly new home of my former co-worker, Dave, and his wife. As they took us on a tour of their place, I became instantly jealous of their multiple faux plant cat litter boxes. So much so that, as Dave poured me my first glass of wine, I was already on Amazon, shelling out $59.99 for one of my own (with free two-day shipping). The quality item arrived today, was assembled in a mere five minutes, and is currently awaiting its first cat crap. The foliage on top has really changed the entire ambiance in my living room, and I don’t even have to water it. What a classy solution to (literally) the shittiest aspect of cat ownership. I’m so excited.

Kids vs. Kitties

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I know people dislike it when I compare their kids to my cats. I know they do. I just can’t help it. There are some very striking similarities between young children and my cats, and I don’t mean these comparisons as an insult – they are simply my way to partake in a conversation that’s way over my head (since I don’t have any kids). You see?

Don’t get me wrong – I understand that there is much more than to raising kids than to maintaining a couple of furry kitties, but tell me these couple of things don’t hold any water at all.

1. You have to feed your kids, and it’s expensive. Well, I have to feed my cats, and they eat this all-natural, high-protein, grain-free food that’s freaking expensive.

2. You have to change your kids’ diapers, and I’m assuming that can be a little stinky. I have to clean my cats’ poops out of their litter box, and my cats are crap factories. A little stinky? Try extremely stinky!

3. Your kids sometimes whine about stuff and beg for snacks. Mele definitely whines and begs for snacks, too – just not with words.

4. Your kids try to get in your bed, and they get all nestled up in between you and your husband/wife, which can make shifting positions in your sleep very awkward. My cats jump in my bed and get all nestled up in and around my legs, creating an  immobility issue (unless I want to kick them in their heads, which I really don’t).

5. You need a babysitter for your kids if you leave the house without them. Well, I don’t need a sitter for a few hours, but if I leave town for a week, I have to find some poor unsuspecting soul to come over and scoop poop at least once.

6. Your kids have unique personalities, and they make you laugh. My cats have unique personalities, and they make me laugh.

7. You try to discipline your kids, and they don’t always listen. I try to discipline my cats and they never listen!

8. Your kids sometimes eat things that aren’t edible, and you also have to clean up after your kids when they make a mess. My cats eat insects and leave their dismembered legs on the living room carpet. Who do you think is cleaning that?

So, there you have it. In my world, my cats are just a little bit like your kids.