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Diesel 2011.10.25

Diesel and I went for our first real run today! I haven’t been running in forever, and I’ve been looking forward to taking him out with me ever since we decided to get him. His little legs are finally long enough, and it turns out we run at a pretty good pace for each other. I’m pretty excited about it. =)

I’ve had the house to myself all week because my roommate is out in the field, and I’ve been taking advantage of my quality alone time by baking, blogging, and listening to classical music.

Speaking of classical music, the Virginia Symphony Orchestra is playing at Chrysler Hall on Saturday night, and I really want to go. The cheapest tickets are $14.75, and they’re playing two pieces in honor of Franz Liszt’s 200th birthday. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for my lack of motivation to dress up for Halloween. Despite the fact that I’ve been burning a pumpkin candle for weeks, I just can’t find it in me to go all out this year.

Although, I have been occasionally switching from “Light Classical” to “Holiday Favorites” on my TV — the Halloween music is hilarious.

I was going to dress Diesel up, but not as a mermaid or a shark or anything like that. I just wanted to get a little barrel and strap it to his collar, so he could be a Saint Bernard.

I probably won’t do that either. =)

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