48 Hours in Nashville

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nashville 2

My friends have sort of a love/hate relationship with my photography skills. They love the fact that I take all these wonderful photos when we’re together, but I’m pretty sure they all hate that it takes me four months to go through them, clean them up, edit them, share them and post them anywhere. Oops. =)

Back in January, we took a quick little weekend trip to Nashville to celebrate Tina’s 30th birthday. It was 48 hours of eating, drinking, singing, dancing, and exploring. It went a little something like this: We arrived, we checked in, we ate lunch, we drank whiskey, we had an amazing dinner, we bar hopped downtown. We woke up, we hit up the farmer’s market, we ate some kettle corn, we rented bicycles, we got lost (oops), we turned around, we rode through Printers Alley, we toured Ryman Auditorium, we bought some Hatch prints, we drank some a lot of margaritas, we went to Tootsie’s, things got a little fuzzy after that. We woke up again, we had an amazing breakfast, we checked out, we took a cab 16 miles out of the way to get ice cream (it was worth it), we peaced out.

Not the most descriptive travel post I’ve ever written, but I’m afraid people will stop posing for my photos if I keep procrastinating on this one. If I linked to anything above, I’m recommending you check it out. =)

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  1. The image of the old-timey microphone at The Ryman should be sold. It would also make a fabulous postcard. Love this post! Nashville is a great city, I’m blessed to have grown about 2 hours away …. close enough to visit on a whim. Nowadays, if airline prices are tricky, I’ll fly into Nashville and hang out with friends and family before going to Kentucky.

    Happy (belated) birthday, Tina!!!! =)

    1. Really? I like that one. 🙂 I need to get on my goal of getting some photos up on my website for people to buy prints. I have a whole slew of beaches and boats and NYC photos and flowers and all kinds of cool pictures. There’s not much of a theme tying them all together, but some are just nice enough that people might want a copy here and there.

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