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11 Reasons You Should Donate $$ To Gilbert’s Retirement Fund

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My friend Courtney Valentine has a mass named Gilbert in her head. He’s wreaking havoc on her well-being, and they need to part ways, but it sounds like her insurance company is being a loser. As a result, her friends and family have organized a place where we can help crowdsource Gilbert’s prompt exit from her brain. Perhaps you could spare a few bucks to help her get to CA and have surgery to have Gilbert removed? I know she’d appreciate it, and so would I. If not, perhaps you could share this with some more people instead. If people could raise more than $20K for Colonel Meow the cat, I think we can do at least that much for Courtney.

Read more about Gilbert’s Retirement Fund here.

In case you aren’t convinced yet, here are 11 more reasons to help Courtney out.

1. You’re cool.

2. She’s cool.

3. Brain tumors are annoying.

4. Insurance companies are annoying.

5. You’re probably going to waste at least $5-$10 on candy canes over the next month that no one is going to eat. Give that to Courtney instead.

6. You can skip one Starbucks grande holiday drink, give Courtney $5, and still be saving money (depending on the tax situation in your state).

7. Courtney is the type of person that rescues baby animals and nurses them back to health under her desk at work. She can’t do that if she’s home suffering from migraines all the time. If you care about baby animals at all, you should give Courtney a few dollars, for sure.

8. I’m sharing the link to this gem with you, which is worth I’d say…at least $10 since it’s going to make you laugh so hard.

9. Have you ever had a migraine? How much would you have paid to get rid of it the day you had it? Okay. Good. Pretend you have one now, and give that much to Gilbert’s Retirement Fund.

10. Courtney is a fun person, and I’m sure all of her friends and family miss getting to spend lots of quality time with her since she doesn’t feel well most of the time.

11. Because it’s just a nice thing to do and it’s a holiday.

Okay, go.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! =)

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