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Four years ago today, I got some sad news. At the time, it was still necessary to compile a CD for a drive home to NJ, so I rushed to burn one for a last-minute trip home for Grandma Tillie’s funeral. I called it hurry.blurry.flurry (I always used to name them) because it pretty much described the situation (and it rhymed). The last song on it happened to be this one, which my cousin, my brother, and I listened to in the car on the way from the funeral home to the repast. I left my copy of hurry.blurry.flurry with my cousin because we all agreed this was the perfect song to remember Grandma Tillie.

So, today when she tweeted me a link to this video on YouTube, I smiled and decided it was about time I shared it with anyone else who may want to take three minutes and 22 seconds to think of Grandma Tillie today (or any other day for that matter).

For the record, hurry.blurry.flurry went like this:


Also, proof that Grandma Tillie was ridiculously awesome and hilarious:


As if you hadn’t see that one before… 😉

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  1. Grandma Tillie kicks major ass in the ridiculously awesome department ….. and you, my dear friend, Lisa, have the best facial expression in the history of ever!!!! Love always to Grandma Tillie.

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