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It has come to my attention that several members of the LJ audience are reading on the job. You are getting paid to read the LJ. You can deny it all you want, but the bottom line is this: you are sitting at work, you are bored, and you are drawn to the entertainment of this LJ. I know because when I fail to produce some paragraphs for a few days, I am bombarded by IM windows demanding that I “save” you from the utter boredom of your desk jobs.

It’s nice to have a fairly amusing friend without a real job to supply you with some reading material throughout the week, now, isn’t it?

So, in return for the distraction I provide you with during your never-ending days at work, I want to know how much this LJ is worth. Do the math and leave me a comment — how much do you get paid each week to sit in front of your computer and read this LJ? Who’s coughing up the money? If you had to pay to read the LJ, how much do you think it’s worth?

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  1. If I’m paying to go to school and I’m reading your journal instead of studying or going to class, does that mean that I’m paying to read your journal? Does it work that way?

    You posed some interesting questions in your entry, and finally inspired me to do the math and figure out exactly how much I make for a hard day’s work.
    The Department of Defense claims that the basic pay for an E-3 with less than two years of service is $1,407.00/month. In addition to the basic pay, I’m compensated for food, and even given a partial allowance for housing, bringing the total to $1,669.26/month.
    Fat city!
    But, for some arcane reason, the government is persistent in taking money away from me every month! And, it’s like nobody thinks twice about it!
    So, after all the deductions, I’m left with a figure somewhere around $1,162.00 for the month. Now, in the military, you can work as long and often as your supervisor dictates and not get anything extra for it! What’s up with that! Here, I typically work about a 10 1/2-hour day, with a 9 1/2-hour lunch break. In a 30-day month, working 10 hours per day, I’ll make $46.90 per day, or $4.69 per hour. (The hourly wage would be only a little bit less during the 31-day months, but I make up for it in February, wherein I feel extremely overpaid all month long.)
    But, my drill instructors in bootcamp, as well as all the things I’ve read and heard, have mentioned something about “being a Marine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” So, I guess that means that computations made with 10-hour days are erroneous; I should, instead, be computing hourly wage based on 24-hour days: That would make my wage $1.95 per hour?
    So, there you have it; and the work is so sufficiently boring here as to enable me to offer you every penny of my earnings for the entertainment that your entries provide.
    So, to answer your final question: It’s absolutely priceless, worthy of everything I’ve got!
    I guess that’s why nobody calls me Rich around here…

      but you forgot to answer the main question: how much do you earn while reading the LJ per week? (i’d say go with your hourly wage based on how much time you spend at work each day =)

  3. Well…
    Based on my education, I’m worth between $15.00 and $18.00/hour after taxes. (Of course, factor in my stunning good looks and amazing sense of humor, and no library could ever hope to afford me–hee hee.)
    Since I panicked and took the first job I could find, which requires none of the education I busted my ass for, I’m making around $7.50/hour after taxes. Which means, basically that I should only have to work for half of my hours…right? This way I can actually be making an appropriate hourly wage. (Nothing like state worker mentality, right?)
    But we’ll put my ego on hold for a minute…If I could lower myself to be accountable for a 40-hour week, spending around twenty minutes per day on your journal equates to a total of $2.50 per day.
    Pat yourself on the back for stealing $625/year from the State of Florida. 🙂

  4. priceless
    As a part time worker who makes $10 from the state an hour, I would say that between the IMs and LJ entries I spend about 20-90 minutes contact with Lisa, depending on our enthusiasm and time.
    And since I hate math, I would say that I get paid $4 for all the time a week I spend on LJ.
    But I multi-task so you might be able to divide that number by 3 or 4.
    this logic is priceless.

  5. About $2.67 for 5 mins
    Do you know who this is?
    Calculated with 5 day work weeks for 52 weeks, working 8 hour days.
    If I take two weeks vacation, how much will the 5 minute experience increase?
    BTW- after the government takes their chunk of my experience at your LJ, its more like $1.78 – fucking taxes. I wonder if they enjoy the experience as much as everyone else.

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