En Route to New Jersey – Day 4

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Miles driven: I forgot to look, probably around 2200-something
States covered today: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana
Best part of the day: Visiting the Gateway Arch in St. Louis – I don’t recommend it if you’re claustrophobic, you go up in a “tram capsule” that is about four feet tall and four feet wide.
Worst part of the day: Ryan blowing me off for a possible phone call from some girl who works at the Starbucks he frequents
Stupid comment of the day: “Ooh, look at that beautiful new school. Oh, wait. Never mind. It’s a prison.” “What?” “Barbed wire.”
(By the way, it is my mom saying all this stupid stuff…not me. =)
Current time zone: Unknown/disputed. Eastern, according to the map, but Central, according to the local time…
Current location: Greenfield, IN
Miles to New Jersey: All this extra driving around for sightseeing is screwing up my math — approximately 13 hours?

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