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Four years ago today, I got some sad news. At the time, it was still necessary to compile a CD for a drive home to NJ, so I rushed to burn one for a last-minute trip home for Grandma Tillie’s funeral. I called it hurry.blurry.flurry (I always used to name them) because it pretty much described the situation (and it rhymed). The last song on it happened to be this one, which my cousin, my brother, and I listened to in the car on the way from the funeral home to the repast. I left my copy of hurry.blurry.flurry with my cousin because we all agreed this was the perfect song to remember Grandma Tillie.

So, today when she tweeted me a link to this video on YouTube, I smiled and decided it was about time I shared it with anyone else who may want to take three minutes and 22 seconds to think of Grandma Tillie today (or any other day for that matter).

For the record, hurry.blurry.flurry went like this:


Also, proof that Grandma Tillie was ridiculously awesome and hilarious:


As if you hadn’t see that one before… 😉

Winter Bright

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Madewell shirt (similar), Ralph Lauren vest (via TJMaxx), Theory jacket (via consignment shop), Target jeans (similar), Diesel boots (old, affordable alternative), Stein Mart scarf (similar), Michael Kors bag (via consignment shop), Tory Burch shades (similar), H&M bow

Is it Christmas already? Everything since Thanksgiving seems like a blur. After a crazy month at work and a whirlwind trip to Chicago last weekend, I’m finally settled in at my parents’ house in New Jersey for a long weekend. My plans? Hang out with family, drink hot chocolate, cuddle up with crossword puzzles, give and receive some fabulous gifts, and squeeze in some quality downtime! I’d also like to get some photos organized and fixed up on my computer. I shot a wedding for a friend a few weeks ago, and I’m aiming to get all of her pictures touched up before the year is out.

I hope everyone’s gotten their Christmas vacation off to a great start! Happy holidays!! =)





Time Out

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Forever 21 jacket, Banana Republic shirt, Old Navy pants, Lucky Brand boots (similar), Cole Haan bag, Fossil belt,  LOFT pin, Michael Kors sunglasses

Sunny, 70-degree December days are perfect for taking a little “time out” at lunch to enjoy a sandwich at the beach. There’s hardly anyone around, plenty of parking, and, of course, the ocean. Nothing beats breaking up the work day with a little sun, surf, and sand…especially this time of year when it’s pretty much dark by the time I leave my office in the evenings. I guess there’s something to be said for unpredictable East Coast weather after all. =)


One Piece, Endless Possibilities: Sequin Skirt

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Ever since last year’s 30 for 30 challenge, I’ve been editing my closet to the point where I finally feel like I’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes that are stylish, flattering and easy to mix and match. By editing, I mean both shopping and purging, as well as organizing and reorganizing my closet until I find a system that works.

Lately, I’ve been focusing on bringing in some statement pieces to add a little something special to what I already have.

I know a lot of people who think buying statement pieces is impractical because there may not be many occasions to wear such a thing. I used to be one of them, and I still do agree that statement pieces aren’t worth investing in until you’ve got all your basics in working order. However, once you’re ready to dig in, finding a few special items to take your style up a notch — it’s so much fun. Finding the perfect statement pieces is all about how you can integrate them seamlessly into your wardrobe. If the item leaves you stumped about what you’d wear it with, then don’t bother. But if you think you can make a few outfits with it right off the bat, then go for it!

To show you what I mean, I took a statement piece out of my closet and created 10 potential looks for the holiday season. The piece I chose is a sequin skirt — something I’ve always wanted to wear, but couldn’t really think of how or where until recently. If you’ve got unworn sequins in your closet (or are hoping to indulge in some soon), I hope this post helps you with some outfit ideas! =)

I chose this skirt for a few reasons:

1. The golden hue is a neutral color. In my mind, it’s a played up version of a khaki skirt, and I can either dress it up with black or tone it down with knits and/or prints.
2. I chose a skirt specifically because it opened the door for lots of possibilities with clothes I already own. Sequin shorts or pants seemed over-the-top, and I knew I would only wear a sequin blazer or top with dark skinny jeans or black pants.
3. The price was right. I bought it in the middle of the summer for 75 percent off at Macy’s (plus another 20 percent off with a coupon).

So, here we go. One skirt, 10 ways. I think I covered everything from day to night to bad weather. =)


Sequin Skirt - 10 Ways