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Salty Dog

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I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t spent much time with Diesel. I miss his cute little face! J and I took him to First Landing State Park a few weeks ago, where we coerced him into the water with a stick. He was much more interested in digging holes than swimming, but Diesel can’t resist a good stick. He had no choice but to jump in after it over and over again. =)

This week is another crazy one because I’ve got a proposal due before we leave for Vegas on Friday, but I’m determined to squeeze in some quality puppy time before I leave.


salty dog


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One Last Beach Day

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It was bright, sunny and 82 degrees this afternoon, so J and I rode our bikes to the beach. I wasn’t expecting the water to be warm enough for swimming, but it was perfect. Not to be deterred by lack of a swimsuit and a towel, I waded out into the salty Atlantic in my dress. I thought it was a novel idea at first — the kind of thing you only see in movies or magazine photo shoots. But after awhile, I realized it was the rare sort of day where you find lots of people in the ocean with their clothes on. It was as if we all flocked to the beach a few hours ahead of the cold front, expecting the water to be freezing. The realization we were wrong, coupled with the fact that the temperature is going to take a 20-degree tumble overnight, made taking one last dip somewhat irresistible…dresses, shorts, jeans or otherwise.

I’ll still be holding out for a few more warm days, but if today truly was the last beach day of 2012, I’m glad I managed to spend an hour walking along the water’s edge enjoying it. =)

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to autumn taking the reins, so I can wear boots and plaid flannel, cook chili with J, and not have to worry about mosquitoes outside. =)




So Long, Sweet Summer

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From sunny days to balmy nights, sparkling champagne to salt-rimmed margaritas, sunrise bike rides to sunset drives, sandy feet to suntanned skin…it was a summer to remember as one of the best. (Except for maybe the shingles.)

Until next year — cheers. =)

Music: I’ve Got Sand in My Shoes – The Drifters

Pieces of Summer

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Kiel James Patrick_001

Earlier this summer, I treated myself to this Kiel James Patrick nautical rope bracelet. I’d been wanting one for over a year, and finally forced myself to choose one of the three or four eight options on my wish list. Since it arrived, I’ve hardly taken it off (other than to sleep, shower and head to the beach) all summer. I held off on posting about it because I’ve been through many a braided bracelet in my life, and I wanted to make sure this one held up. Three months later, it’s still going strong.

When I was a kid, each summer we’d spend a week or so in Long Beach Island with family friends we didn’t see very often. One year, three of us girls used our own money to purchase braided rope bracelets as a reminder of the days we spent together jumping waves and collecting sand crabs on the beach. (I can hardly remember, but something tells me those three bracelets came from The Parlor at Bay Village.) After vacation was over, I wore mine as long as I could, well into the fall, until it started to unravel and I put it away in a box for safekeeping.

I bought a few more over the years. Those braided rope bracelets were little pieces of summer I could keep with me long after beach days were just a distant memory. Now, I’ve finally got a grown-up version to keep the tradition going. Autumn may be on its way, but my KJP bracelet is staying right here on my wrist, and I might even buy another one to keep it company. =)

Kiel James Patrick_002

Kiel James Patrick_003