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Catching Up

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The past couple of weeks have already become a bit of a blur. Too much going out to dinner, too much TiVo, way too much sleeping, a few concerts, a trip home, a few drunken nights that left me too hungover to go to work the next day, one or two job interviews, a bubble bath, a Navy ball, a few roommate disagreements and absolutely no food shopping are what I’ve been up to. I went through a spurt of compulsive music downloading and then ran out to buy an iPod with my last paycheck, so that was exciting. I ran out to buy a lot of things with my last paycheck. I’m sort of out of money. So that kind of sucks.

Work has been okay. I’ve been getting to do some graphic design and create some covers and advertisements. I sent a few of my sample PDFs to a local magazine to apply for a graphic design position and the girl seemed pretty impressed, but I don’t think I’ll be taking the job if she offers it. Sitting behind a desk at a computer all day just isn’t doing it for me. I think it’s time to stop freaking out about finding a new job and just enjoy this one. Perhaps I’ll waitress for the summer to make some extra cash and meet some more new people. I think that would be a good idea.

It’s the end of May. Shouldn’t the temperature have risen above 50 degrees this morning? I’m disappointed. I’m sick of clouds.

Anyway, sorry for not updating for a few weeks. I’m going through one of my not-very-entertaining phases. I’ll do better.

Greetings from Richmond!

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Richmond is a wonderful city — one of my favorites for several reasons, but mostly because of the outdoor mall. The mall here reminds me of Mall Madness, the board game. Its just like a regular mall, but with no roof, so when you leave a store, you’re outside! Its very conducive to nature. For instance, Kristen and I got to stroll through the mall tonight after it was closed. We went for an after-dinner walk and saw tons of tiny frogs jumping around near the fountains in the mall!

I tried to catch one, but it didn’t work out.

I bet you’re jealous because you’ve never been to a mall with wild frogs living in it, but don’t feel like you missed out on too much. We ended up cutting our walk short so that we didn’t step on any unsuspecting amphibians, but I did get some entertaining pictures. Silly froggies.

A trip to the mall

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We all piled into the truck this morning for a trip to the mall – me, three cousins, Aunt Kim, and three next door neighbors. Before I could say, “Wow, I’ve never been to the mall with this many people before”, we split up into three groups – Kristin and her friend, Aunt Kim and the neighbors’ mom, and me and the three youngest girls.

I followed Courtney, Sammy, Amy as they ran (literally) to Hot Topic. Perhaps the last thing you would expect to hear in Hot Topic is three girls shrieking, “Let’s go build a bear!”, but I guess anything is possible. I pleaded with them to buy CDs or something instead, but they insisted on paying the Build-A-Bear Workshop a visit.

As we walked toward Build-A-Bear, I tried to ignore their attempts to go up the down escalators and down the up ones. Once we reached Build-A-Bear, the girls couldn’t afford to make bears anyway. I consoled them and let them know that we still had 35 minutes left for them to waste their money on something else. We ended up in the candy store instead where Sammy purchased two Beanie Babies and Courtney bought two packs of bubblegum cigarettes, a bubblegum cigar, and a bubblegum yardstick. Yes, a bubblegum yardstick.

We proceeded to consume the bubblegum yardstick as we headed back towards the food court to meet up with everyone else. I lagged behind a little, blowing bubbles, wondering when the last time I had a real piece of bubblegum was – real bubblegum, not the sugarfree crap. It must have been years ago when we used to buy BubbleTape from the ice cream man and play street hockey with the empty containers.

I contemplated intervening when they started wacking each other in the head with the three foot box that the bubblegum came in. A grumpy old woman took care of that for me though – when they started hitting each other while walking down an up escalator. “You girls better stop that. I’ll tell the guards on you.” Bitch. I wondered why I hadn’t thought of that threat.

When we met back up with my aunt, Sammy threw a small fit about the bear (which I missed because I was busy removing the remnants of a large bubble from my face) resulting in $100 being handed off to me to take the girls back to the Build-A-Bear place. Great. So, we trekked all the way back to Build-A-Bear while I explained that they were only allowed to spend $20 each on a bear. I could swear they nodded in agreement, but I guess Sammy forgot by the time we arrived back at the store.

Here is what followed between Sammy and I:

“How about this puppy? I want this one.”

“Sammy, that puppy is $18. If you get it, you won’t be able buy any outfits for it.”

“Why not?”

“Because you have $20 to spend.”

“No, you have a hundred.”

“Right, but your mom said $20 each.”

“She won’t care.”

“Sammy, just get the $10 bear like you said you were going to. Please?”

“How about this cat bear?”

“It’s a leopard. It’s $25, kiddo. You can’t do it.”

“I can. You have a hundred. My mom would let me.”

“Give it to me.” (I point at the leopard.)

“This?” (She holds it up.)

“Yes.” (I take it and throw it back in the bin. I walk over to the $10 bear bin.) “Make this one or don’t make one at all.”

“How about that duck?”







“BEAR. Take it and stuff it. Now.”

(She stomps her foot and tilts her head in a huff, but realizes I’m not kidding and grabs the bear.) “FINE.”

Meanwhile, Courtney and Amy are trying to decide on outfits for their bears. Courtney asked me to find a Marine uniform for hers and she named it Franky – it was totally cute. Sammy was a bit more indecisive while picking out clothes.

“Can I get this?” (Holds up a shirt.)


“Okay, but it needs pajamas, too. I need to dress it in pajamas every night before bed.”

“No. Come on. You hardly spend thirty seconds brushing your teeth before bed. You think you’re going to change this thing’s clothes every night? Right. Get a grip, kiddo. One outfit.”

“I need TWO.”



“Sammy. Good lord. You’re already going to go over your $20 limit. Just please pick an outfit.”

“How about this one? Can I get underwear? It needs socks. Can I get a hat?”

“That’s cute. You don’t need underwear or socks. You want shoes?” (I cringe, realizing I shouldn’t have asked.)

“Ooh, YEAH. Shoes.”

“Put the hat back then.”

“Okay.” (She picks out shoes – Skechers – for the bear.)

Then we sit down at the computer, name it, get its birth certificate, etc.

“What outfit did Courtney get?”

“The Marine uniform. Are you sure you want to name it Bob?”

“I want a hat like Courtney’s.”

“Well, her hat came with the outfit. Bob? Are you sure?”

“Is there a hat like that?”

“The Navy one has the same hat. Are you sure you don’t want to name the bear Garrett or something? Just Bob?”

“Can I get a different outfit?”

“Oh, Sammy. Bob it is. Push the green button. Do you want the Marine one?”

“Courtney? Can I get the same outfit as you?”

We eventually made it out of the store with two teddy bear Marines and Amy’s naked bear and headed back to the food court for pizza which is another story all in itself.

On the ride home, we stopped at a red light next to these two crazy teenage guys in a yellow Lancer rapping to some wacky music thinking that only my aunt and her friend were looking at them. Once we rolled down the windows and they realized they had an audience of eight, they did a double-take and sped off. Of course we caught up to them blasting Good Charlotte and Sugarcult in the truck, all singing along at the top of our lungs like lunatics and waving the bubblegum yardstick box out the windows. We definitely frightened the security gate guy on the way back in.

My Productive Day

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Today was a productive day.  I battled the cold and went for a run outside, I’m one episode away from having watched the entire first season of JAG, and I acquired some new items.  “New items?” you may ask.  Yes, new items.  While out running errands with my mother, I acquired a $29.50 store-credit to Express, a baby pink/white Von Dutch trucker hat, two DVDs, trail-running shoes for my upcoming move to Nevada (I hear there’s great hiking there), and a Gateway cow-print optical notebook mouse.  I also acquired an e-mail sent out by the Officer Programs Officer for the Navy’s New York Recruiting District, but I’m pretty sure that it was meant for someone else — like the Recruiting Department — not me.  Typical.

In addition to acquiring these seven items, I also did some reading today.  I finished The Phantom Tollbooth which I started last night, and I memorized the sleeve insignia of the Navy officer ranks — not the enlisted ones and not the collar insignia, but all of the sleeve insignia from Ensign to Admiral.  After that, I read my W-2 form from Insano and looked forward to the future arrival of such forms from my other jobs.  (Yes, I used to have jobs.)

I did three sets of 15 push-ups and tried on a few of my “skinny clothes” and contemplated deciding what underwear to pack for Las Vegas.  I ate a total of 51 grams of protein and actually stayed in my Weight Watchers POINTS target.

I am now situated in front of my laptop, hair in pigtails, Von Dutch hat on head, wearing Abercrombie jeans and a Hanes little boys’ wifebeater, examining the definition in my deltoid muscle with a devious grin on my face, trying to think of a witty way to end my journal entry.

A Commander has three stripes and a star.

Designer Purses

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What is it with all the 12-year-olds roaming the mall toting designer purses?  Are Dooney & Bourke bags the new eighth grade status symbol?  Does asking mommy for a Coach purse for Christmas grant these middle school girls entrance into the popular crowd?

A friend of mine was recently telling me about his current dream girl from work.  He sighed wistfully when he mentioned that she had a real Louis Vuitton bag.  I said, “Yeah, right.”  He responded that he knew she had a real one because he’s learned what to look for in an LV bag to make sure it’s the real thing.

I do not understand the designer purse obsession.  I even wanted one up until this afternoon – when I realized I’d be looking like a 12-year-old by carrying it.  Plus, why buy a purse for hundreds of dollars when:
        a.  Everyone else already OWNS the purse.
        b.  So many people have a knockoff version of the purse
             that most will doubt the authenticity of yours.
        c.  You can buy a cute, practical bag that matches
             everything for $40 or less at Macy’s.

Let’s get a grip, people.  Get a fake one, or buy a nice Nine West bag for 40 bucks.  You could be blindly obsessing over Paper Denim jeans, Diesel sneakers, Abercrombie sweaters, Ugg boots, and Von Dutch accessories with all that money you’d be saving.