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Anything for a Friend…

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Scott: “Oh, don’t tell me that. I mean, he’s still my–I mean we don’t really hang out or whatever but, if the guy ever called and needed anything, I’d help him out.”

Robbie: “Like, if he needed a kidney?”

Scott: “No, no. He’s not worth a kidney.”

Lisa: “Yeah, definitely not worth a kidney. Maybe a fingernail.”

Scott: “No. No body parts.”

Robbie: “Then what?”

Scott: “I don’t know. If he called and said he needed to borrow 20 bucks, I could do that.”

Robbie: “Woud you ever, like, bust him out of jail?”

Scott: “Bust? I don’t know that I’ll be busting anyone out of jail…”

Robbie: “Okay, bail.”

Scott: “There’s a big difference between busting anyone out of jail and bailing someone out of jail. Bail out of jail like…”

Robbie: “Like 150 bucks?”

Scott: “Eh. No. I don’t think so.”

Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day

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I am such a slacker. I have been laying around doing nothing all morning, recovering from spending St. Patrick’s Day at Waterside. Well, I did go for a run — if you could even call it that. I think it was more of a long walk with sporadic spurts of jogging, perhaps even trotting. Oh well.

It’s totally gorgeous outside. I got up and ate breakfast at the new bistro table on our deck. I’m trying to motivate myself to clean up the apartment — it’s going okay. So far I’ve rearranged some magazines on the table and lit two candles.

I’m going to Vegas again — how crazy is that? I’m leaving on April 6th and staying until the 11th, so I’ll be spending my birthday there for the second year in a row! I can’t wait to see my cousins again, and I’ll probably even be able to have Holly cut my hair again. Not to mention Robbie Roommate will be there again (he has to go for a few weeks for work), so we can totally party like rock stars again. I’m really excited. Hopefully it will be sunny and warm this time with no flash floods! I’ll be able to sit out under the palm tree by my aunt’s pool and drink passionfruit iced tea and it will be just like last year. Mmmm. I definitely can’t wait to go.

St. Patrick’s Day was a good time. Robbie and I met for lunch at Kelly’s on Granby Street in Norfolk and had some beers before returning to work for the afternoon, so that was exciting. I think people should make a regular habit of drinking beers on lunch breaks. Later, we went to Waterside. They were having one of their crazy bar crawls — 10 bars for 10 bucks. Well, my friend Tara works at Crocodile Rocks, so I got 10 bars for no bucks. Which is good because we only hit two of the 10 bars anyway – Crocodile Rocks and Have A Nice Day Cafe. (Although, we did show our IDs at Dixie’s Tavern before looking in the door and opting not to go in, and I think we may have spent like all of five minutes in Bar Norfolk — maybe. I can’t remember.) I spent my 10 bucks on buying a commemorative Waterside St. Patty’s Day Bar Crawl t-shirt for Robbie instead. It’s green. I carried it around in my purse all night. I’m straying from the point of this story.

Anyway, we wore green, we drank beer, we danced, we listened to duelling pianos, we took some pictures, we came home and ate chocolate pop-tarts at 2:30 in the morning — the usual. It was fun.

I think this is the most substantial LJ update I have written in ages. I am totally proud of myself. I’m going to go take a nap.

Oh yeah! We did go to Bar Norfolk for a few minutes. I remember it smelled like bleach. I’m sure that’s just what I needed at that point in my drunken state — to be inhaling bleach fumes in Bar Norfolk. Wow.


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One year ago today I was enjoying my first day in Vegas with my little cousins, plopping quarters into a slot machine and eating pizza at the Venetian. Vegas. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas. I’ll be there in 10 days. I am so excited!

Robbie and I are leaving on the 17th and staying until the 22nd. My mom will be there, and my aunts, and all my favorite little cousins, and did I mention that I am so excited? I have a hair appointment with Holly at Toxicity on Friday morning and then Friday night, all of us VIPs are taking a ride to Rain at the Palms in a limo!

I know what you’re thinking: “The crazy girl is going to Vegas which means she might actually update her LJ with some entertaining information!”

I bet you know what I’m thinking, too: “What in the world am I going to wear?”


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Since Robbie has been gone, Allison and I have taken up being extremely productive. For example, we have taken cleaning to the next level…

Lisa: Our kitchen looks like shit.
Allison: Yeah, I know.
Lisa: So, what should we do tonight?

We have also drastically improved our social lives…

Allison: I miss Robbie.
Lisa: Yeah, me too. Let’s invite boys over.

We are taking our new jobs at A.J. Gator’s very seriously…

Lisa: When do you work at Gator’s again?
Allison: Sunday, but I don’t want to work that day.
Lisa: You should just come in with me on Saturday and tell her you got the days messed up.
Allison: Okay. That sounds good.

We’ve also been extrememly productive at our other jobs…

Lisa: Did you work today?
Allison: Well, Abercrombie called me at like 8:00 this morning and I was like, ‘Holy cannoli, I am not answering that!’

Allison: Hello?
Lisa: Hey, it’s me. I’m leaving work.
Allison: That was quick. Were you even there an hour?
Lisa: An hour and a half. Well, almost. I’m done with my work. Let’s go to the tanning bed.
Allison: Okay.
Lisa: It will be just like a tropical vacation. Just what we need.

And, most importantly, we’ve been eating healthy, well-balanced meals…

Lisa: What should we do for dinner?
Allison: I don’t really feel like cooking.
Lisa: Okay, well come down here while the car is still warmed up. We’ll go out.

Waiter: Would you ladies like dessert?
Lisa: Should we get anything?
Allison: I’m full. I have all that cheesecake at home.
Lisa: We’ll have the brownie sundae.

Lisa: Well, I had California Pizza Kitchen for breakfast.
Allison: Yeah, me too. And I had Quizno’s for lunch.
Lisa: Yeah, I saw your cup. I was jealous.

ORF, ORF and Away!

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I had the best weekend ever. My roommates are awesome. Allison, Robbie and I did the following silly things:

1. Played “Never Have I Ever…” at our dining room table, drinking at 3:00 in the morning.
2. All slept together on Allison’s bed Friday night (Saturday morning).
3. All ate bagels together the next day at 1:30 in the afternoon, exclaiming over and over that we felt like we were on vacation.
4. Got all dressed up in semi-formal outfits and went out on a “date” to Shula’s 347 in Norfolk.
5. Made the best chicken ever for dinner last night.
6. Hung out on the couch last night watching Robbie do an interpretive dance to the song “Zorba the Greek.”
7. All watched “Desperate Housewives” last night in my room on my TiVo.
8. All got up at 5:00 this morning to say goodbye to Robbie, who is leaving for five weeks and who I just dropped off at the airport for his first flight ever.

An excerpt from this morning right before we left the apartment:

Robbie: “Do you need the bathroom?”

Lisa: “What?”

Robbie: “Do you–”

Lisa: “No.”

Robbie: “Okay, because I’m going to go puke as much as I can right now.”

Lisa: “WHAT?”

Robbie: “Just kidding.”

Allison: “How can you guys be so crazy at this hour?”

Lisa: “What?”

Allison: “Where’s Robbie?”

Lisa: “What? Hogging the bathroom again. Puking.”

Allison: “What?”

Lisa: “Just kidding.”

(You can tell we were all a little confused after three hours of sleep.)

A few minutes later, in the kitchen:

Allison: “Are you okay? Are you ready?”

Robbie: “No, I’m freakin’ out. Jump up and down with me, Allison, jump up and down!”

(Robbie and Allison jump up and down while Robbie says “freakin’ out, freakin’ out, freakin’ out” repeatedly.)

Allison: “Group hug!”

(Insert group hug here.)

Lisa: “Mustard is disgusting. Allison, will you put my lunch in my backpack?”

Allison: “In here?”

Lisa: “Yeah, in the big part.”

Allison: “It’s in the small part.”

Lisa: “NO! In the big part. Put it in the big part!”

Allison: “Do you use this bag every day?”

Lisa: “Yeah, I feel like I’m in fourth grade–‘Put it in the big part.’ Why, what’s the problem? Do I look like I’m going on a motorcycle trip?”

Allison: “Yeah, something like that.”

(Robbie is still jumping up and down.)

Lisa: “Okay, let’s go. Are you ready? Let’s go.”

Robbie: “Okay Ms. Allison, I’ll see you in five weeks. Five weeks. Let’s go.”

(Robbie and Lisa exit the apartment.)

Lisa: “That is an awesome bag.”

Robbie: “It’s old.”

Lisa: “It’s sweet.”

Robbie: “Yeah, it’s pretty cool.”

Lisa: “No, no. It’s sick.”

Robbie: “It’s hot.”

Lisa: “Don’t drop it.”

I took Robbie to the airport and on the way there, it became apparent that being in the car with me at 6:00 a.m. is probably much scarier than being on a plane. We got his bags all checked and printed out his boarding pass, and Robbie got on his plane without freaking out too much. His flight took off at 7:37 a.m. We’ll definitely miss him while he’s gone for five weeks.